What is an alpha mate?

What is an alpha mate?

General description. AlphaMate is software package for optimising selection, maintenance of diversity, and mate allocation in breeding programs. A range of breeding programs can be optimised with AlphaMate (animal, crop, tree, fish.).

What are the best werewolf stories on Wattpad?

Best Werewolf Stories ever

  • Odin’s Prize. 4M 264K 68. •
  • Clayton. 2.2M 4.9K 4.
  • Grey’s Tribute. 5.6M 227K 50.
  • his forgotten mate. 4.7M 192K 63.
  • She Runs With Wolves. 1.1M 52.5K 25.
  • The Change ( Fated Series: Book 1 – Completed ) 26.4M 738K 51.
  • The SnowFang Bride (SAMPLE) 1.4M 7.1K 5.
  • Break Me, Mate [Extended Sample] 5.1M 134K 38.

What are some got Boyxboy werewolf wattpad books?

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  • Omega. 1.4M 46.5K 46.
  • The Lost Wolf (boyxboy)
  • TRAHERN (boyxboy)
  • FINIS (boyxboy)
  • To Love A Rogue(MalexMale)
  • The Alpha’s Instinct (Boyxboy)
  • My Little Omega (manxman, werewolf ) Short story #Wattys2015, #lgbt, #newadult.
  • Loving A Stubborn Werewolf (BoyxBoy) – Book 4.

What is alpha werewolf?

The Alpha Werewolf was the chief antagonist, the “big bad”, of MTV’s Teen Wolf during the first season. It is simply known as “The Alpha” throughout most of the episodes. In Wolf’s Bane it is revealed that The Alpha was Peter Hale.

What is the best story in wattpad?


  • A Defiant Liaison. 102K 12.5K 34.
  • The Secret Attachment. 1.4M 86.9K 36.
  • Have Hope. 255K 19.7K 26.
  • The Unknowing Heiress. 1.2M 57.4K 27.
  • Changing Kitty. 1M 44.7K 25.
  • A Solemn Promise. 917K 57.7K 32.
  • A Simple Deception. 230K 25.3K 42.
  • The Lost Girl (TLB2) *Sample chapter* 1.5M 1.4K 4.

Who bites Scott Mccall?

Peter Hale
In “Teen Wolf”, Scott is bitten by Peter Hale and turns into a werewolf.

What is Ultima wolf?

This was the first pack of werewolves ever to roam the Earth, and he was their leader. A monster driven mad by his loneliness. The other werewolves feared him and his power, and that is the story of the first werewolf. They call his bloodline the Ultima.

Who is the Queen of Wattpad?

Jonahmae Panen Pacala
Considered as the pop-fiction queen, twenty-eight year-old kindergarten teacher Jonahmae Panen Pacala or more popular known with her pseudonym “Jonaxx” is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan.

What does FTR mean on Wattpad?

Ftr – Future reader. Istg – I swear to God. Robbed – not getting a chapter you thought you would have there fore you feel robbed. Re – read again ( in terms of rr [re reader] )

What is a werewolf weakness?

Silver – A werewolf’s main weakness is their vulnerability to silver or any object containing silver, as they can be killed or harmed with a variety of silver objects like silver stakes, knives, bullets, axes, letter openers, handcuffs, spoons, forks, etc, even the mere contact with silver will hurt them.