What is an Enketo form?

What is an Enketo form?

According to Enketo.org, Enketo is the name of an open-source project as well as the name of an open-source web application that uses a popular open-source form format.

How do you use Enketo?

How to Use Enketo

  1. Pick a service that includes Enketo. Simply pick a tool that has Enketo built-in. This is usually the best option.
  2. Run Enketo yourself. Enketo is 100% free and open source.
  3. Use a paid Enketo-only or custom service. Consider paying for one of the services that run Enketo for you.

How do I install Enketo Express?

How To Install Enketo On Ubuntu 18.04

  1. Considerations. Installation is the easy part.
  2. Create a public/private key pair.
  3. Create a Server.
  4. Server Installation.
  5. Enketo Express Installation.
  6. Configuration.
  7. Automatic Enketo Launch and Restart.
  8. Domain setup.

What is KoBo toolbox?

KoBo Toolbox is a free open-source tool for mobile data collection, available to all. It allows you to collect data in the field using mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets, as well as with paper or computers.

How do I make a kobo toolbox?

Creating an account

  1. To create a new account on KoboToolbox, go to the KoboToolbox homepage and click SIGN UP on the menu. This will take you to the GET STARTED section of the website.
  2. Here, you are presented with two different servers where you can create your account.

What is Kobo form?

Kobo Collect is the android-based application used to collect the data which feeds into your Kobo Toolbox account. Just like other ODK interfaces, Kobo Collect can be easily installed on your phones using Google Play.

What is Kobo toolbox?

How do you share Kobo forms?

To control project sharing permissions go to the Sharing tab in the Settings page in your data collection project, enter the username of the user who should get new permissions, select the permission level checkbox, then click GRANT PERMISSIONS. The available permissions are: View Form.

What is Kobotool box?

How do I make a kobo form?

You can create a new form in four different ways. When you click on the New button, your options are: Build from scratch To create a new form from scratch, you can input project details and click Create Project. Use a template To use a template, you need to first go to Library and create one.

What connects Kobo?

30.1 and below. KoboCollect is an open-source Android app for collecting survey data. It’s one of two ways that you can collect data through KoboToolbox (the other way is through web forms – Enketo).

What is the difference between Odk and Kobo?

The main different between Kobo and ODK is that Kobo provides a complete end-to-end hosted solution, and has its own custom backend services for receiving and processing form submissions, whereas ODK just provides the various components with which you can build your own custom solution, using either ODK Aggregate or …

What is an enketo form?

According to Enketo.org, Enketo is the name of an open-source project as well as the name of an open-source web application that uses a popular open-source form format.

How much does enketo cost?

Enketo is 100% free and open source. Look into installing it yourself and ask for support from other users in the user forum. Consider funding Enketo’s further development of new features and fixing of bugs.

Is enketo a long-term commitment?

Enketo does not require a long-term commitment by the user. Surveys deployed with Enketo: can use very powerful skip and validation logic run on any device, mobile or desktop, as long as it has a fairly modern browser Whenever you open a form on the webform version within KoBoToolbox, you are actually using Enketo.

Does enketo support the Xform format?

Internally, Enketo only understands the ODK XForms format. However, it is highly recommended to build forms using the much easier XLSForm format or an advanced form building application such as the KoBoToolbox form builder. These tools will produce a valid XForm without the need to understand the very complex XForms format.