What is an invalid IMEI number?

What is an invalid IMEI number?

What causes “invalid IMEI” to show on your TECNO smartphone’s display could be a variety of issues: using the device after a factory reset on it, flashing your Android with the SIM card left in it, and others. Sometimes, the culprit might be a problem in your Android’s MTK setup.

How do I fix Samsung not registered on network and repair null IMEI?

Go to the Dialer and type *#06# to show the phone’s IMEI number. If the message IMEI Null shows up, then the settings need to be reconfigured to fix the No signal or Not register on network problem. Type *#197328640# or *#*#197328640#*#* with the dialer. The Galaxy will now go into Command mode, and select on Common.

How do I fix invalid IMEI on my computer?


  2. NOW OPEN IMEI TOOL ( IMEI&SN Writer.exe)

Why is my IMEI number not showing?

It seems that this issue occurs when using Google Dialer V56+ on Android 10. Meanwhile, you can still access your IMEI number through the following ways: Instead of using *#06#, try *#66# You can also access your IMEI by going to System Settings -> About Phone -> Status.

How do I activate my IMEI?

Activate through your carrier’s website.

  1. The process is slightly different, but generally you will need to log in, select the line you are activating a device on, and then enter the IMEI number for the phone you are activating.
  2. If you’re activating a prepaid plan online, you will likely need to enter an Activation Code.

How can I fix my IMEI number on Android?

How to restore IMEI number on Android

  1. The first step is to root your Android.
  2. Download and install Xposed Installer on your device.
  3. You’ll also need to download and install another app called Xposed IMEI Changer.
  4. Once Xposed IMEI changer has been installed, you’ll need to enable it on the Xposed Installer app.

How do I fix unknown IMEI on Android?

How to fix invalid IMEI error after factory settings

  1. Dial *#06# to check your current IMEI number so it will be easy to notice the changes or keep on record should at any time you decide to use the change IMEI.
  2. Download “MTK Engineer Mode” application from Google PlayStore.
  3. Install and run the application.

What does IMEI null mean?

Method 1: NAS Control Open the dialer and enter – *#06# to check your IMEI number. If you see “IMEI Null or 000000”, you need to reconfigure the settings to fix the no signal or not registered on network problem on your Android phone.

How do I change IMEI with MTK engineering mode?


  1. Navigate to your phone dialler and type any of the USSD code below.
  2. After loading Engineer mode, Click to call pad or connectivity options.
  3. Locate CDS information and tap on it.
  4. Now to change IMEI number, follow…
  5. Press the “Send At Command” (You should receive a message that your “AT command mSent”).

How do I activate my IMEI number?

Is IMEI number on SIM card?

The phone device consisting of a SIM card is recognized by a dedicated IMEI number. IMEI consists of 15-digit numbers that are guaranteed unique and accepted globally. For your information, the device with two sim card slots will have two globally unique (15-digits) IMEI numbers.

What is the best IMEI checker?

IMEI24.com is the website for you. IMEI lookup allows you to check your IMEI number and get access to warranty date, carrier info, blacklist status, purchase date, blockade info and more. IMEI is a 15 digits number, which can be displayed on the phone LCD by dialing *#06# just as a phone number.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 IMEI number is invalid?

To fix invalid IMEI on Samsung Galaxy S4, the first thing you need to do is to download ODIN V3. 09 zip from the link and then extract it. 2. Then download Samsung Galaxy S4 IEMI null fix zip from the link and extract it on your computer. 3. Now open the ODIN, and then select the PDA option that you will get o n the right-hand side.

What is an invalid IMEI?

What is Invalid IMEI? While an IMEI has a specific format (you could use an online IMEI checker to verify), most mentions of invalid IMEI you’ll come across refer to a null IMEI. In some cases, its a strange IMEI in place of the original. In other words, the IMEI has gone missing or replaced by an undesired one. What are the causes of invalid IMEI?

How to fix SPD invalid IMEI code?

Some methods mentioned include SN Writer, Maui Meta, Miracle box, GSM Aladdin, Infinity CM2, NCK box, SP flash tool, Chamelephone, Tool hero, ADB and Engineering mode. You should check our list of SPD invalid IMEI repair methods.

What is IMEI and how do I check it?

For starters, IMEI is a unique 15-digit number which GSM service providers use to identify your device. You can check your IMEI by dialing *#06# on your phone. When you have a null or invalid IMEI on your Android phone, you’ll be unable to make / receive calls or dial USSD codes. What is Invalid IMEI?