What is an Ithaca shotgun worth?

What is an Ithaca shotgun worth?

ITHACA FEATHERLIGHT shotgun PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE AN ITHACA FEATHERLIGHT shotgun is currently worth an average price of $503.85 used . The 12 month average price is $530.32 used.

Do they make a double barrel 20 gauge shotgun?

G2 shotguns come in 12-, 20-, and the cult-favorite 28-gauge. Most 28-gauge double-barrels are 20-gauge guns with 28-gauge barrels.

Are Ithaca shotguns any good?

The Ithaca Model 37 is no exception; it oozes beauty. The walnut stock is rich with tightly laid grain patterns. The pump-style forend is deeply grooved and often affectionately dubbed a “corn cob” by hunters. Adding to the aesthetic charm, detail was given to the receiver with an engraved hunting scene on each side.

Do they still make Ithaca firearms?

There are continuing financial adventures under the name of Ithaca Gun, but the actual manufacturing has been out of the county since 1986. While in Ithaca, Ithaca Gun had a reputation for high quality and often artistically decorated guns.

Are Ithaca 37 still made?

The Ithaca 37 (or Model 37) is a pump-action shotgun made in large numbers for the civilian, military, and police markets….Ithaca 37.

Ithaca Model 37
Designer John Browning, Harry Howland
Designed 1933
Manufacturer Ithaca Gun Company Industrias Marcati
Produced 1937–present

What year is my Ithaca Model 37?


1938 3501 – 10000
1939 10001 – 18350
1940 18351 – 34400
1941 34401 – 50900

Are double barrel shotguns worth it?

Double barrels simply have less moving parts than many other types of shotguns. As with most machines, the less moving parts, the lower the chance of one breaking. With no actions that jamb and no feeding failures, the double barrel’s simple design has proven to be reliable over many years.

Does anyone make a double barrel 410 shotgun?

Stoeger 410 double barreled shotgune for Sale | Vance Outdoors.

Is Ithaca shotguns still in business?

Ithaca Gun Company is still all-American made – Farm and Dairy.

Is the Ithaca 37 still being made?

The Ithaca 37 is one of the oldest shotguns still in production. Designed by John Moses Browning in 1921, and refined by Harry Howland of Ithaca Guns Co. in 1931, it has been continually manufactured by Ithaca Guns Co., and are still produced in present day.

Who bought Ithaca firearms?

General Recreation, Inc.
1967~Ithaca Gun Company is sold to what will become General Recreation, Inc. 1987~Ithaca Acquisition, Inc. moves gunmaking operations to King Ferry, NY. Changes name of Model 37® to Model 87.

Is Ithaca still in business?

What kind of barrel does an Ithaca double barrel shotgun have?

Condition: Ithaca double barrel side by side shotgun, Ithaca double barrel side by side shotgun, 12 gauge with walnut stock and 30” damascus barrels. SN# 99177. C&R

When did the Ithaca 20 gauge shotgun come out?

Ithaca 20 gauge ”Flues” Model SxS shotgun Ithaca 20 gauge ”Flues” Model SxS shotgun circa 1920 SN 293546. Automatic-ejector boxlock action double-set triggers; case-hardened engraved receiver

What kind of shotgun does Ithaca Flues use?

*ITHACA FLUES FIELD MODEL DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN. Cal. 28 ga. SN 464887. Fine little shotgun with 26” bbls choked FULL/MOD with tapered, concave, matted

What is the serial number of my Ithaca shotgun?

Ithaca hammerless shotgun, 16 ga. 30 in. Ithaca hammerless shotgun, 16 ga. 30 in. double Damascus barrels, engraved receiver, serial number 36146; no permit required. Stock probably refinished