What is Andrew Eldritch real name?

What is Andrew Eldritch real name?

Andrew William Harvey TaylorAndrew Eldritch / Full name

Did Patricia Morrison Date Andrew Eldritch?

Eldritch has come back from what he terms another “hugely successful absence,” three years after he faded from view with *Floodland*, a dark, brooding, keyboard-driven affair between himself and ousted bassist Patricia Morrison.

How old is Eldritch?

62 years (May 15, 1959)Andrew Eldritch / Age

When was Andrew Eldritch born?

May 15, 1959 (age 62 years)Andrew Eldritch / Date of birth

What drum machine did Sisters of Mercy use?

Doktor Avalanche
Each album was recorded by a different line-up; singer-songwriter Andrew Eldritch and the drum machine called Doktor Avalanche are the only points of continuity throughout….

The Sisters of Mercy
Past members (see members)

How tall is Eldritch?

5′ 9″Andrew Eldritch / Height

Are Dave Vanian and Patricia Morrison still married?

Patricia continues, “David was married and I was married. We didn’t see each other for years. It was a long strange hard way to get together again.” But they did it– sometimes you will fight through distance and obstacles to be together, and the couple is happily together still.

Did Jim Morrison marry Patricia Kennealy?

They were never legally married and many Doors fans contest Kennealy’s assertions they were husband and wife. She maintained they were still in a relationship when he died of an overdose in 1971. In 1979 she changed her name to Kennealy-Morrison. Years later she named her publishing company and website Lizard Queen.

What level is Eldritch d2?

Eldritch The Rectifier

Property Normal Hell
Monster Level 34 84
Health points
Damage 1

What is an Eldritch monster?

If you’re reading a horror or fantasy story, you may see the word eldritch, which means uncanny, unearthly, and weird in a supernatural way. Anything a witch does is eldritch. Goblins and elves are eldritch creatures. A story full of ghosts and strange monsters is full of eldritch elements.

What type of drum machine was Dr Avalanche?

The original incarnation of Doktor Avalanche was a BOSS DR-55 (“Doctor Rhythm”); the Doktor was later replaced by a Roland TR-606, soon followed by a TR-808, and, briefly, a TR-909.

Who is Dave Vanian married to?

Patricia MorrisonDave Vanian / Spouse (m. 1996)