What is another word for mentioned?

What is another word for mentioned?

In this page you can discover 44 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for mentioned, like: noticed, referred, cited, brought-up, specified, quoted, introduced, named, declared, communicated and made known.

How do you write aforementioned in a sentence?

Aforementioned sentence example

  1. In spite of the aforementioned snags, life was a proverbial bucket of roses.
  2. Military heroes of the last several centuries, such as the aforementioned Lafayette and Hamilton and Travis, were not bloodthirsty.

Can you say as previously mentioned in an essay?

I never use “as mentioned previously”. Its better to say “as mentioned before/ earlier/In reference to”. You can always highlight and inform about the line/ paragraph and write it as “In reference to or Regarding”.

What does undermentioned mean?

British. : mentioned below : included in the list that follows : following.

What is a aforementioned statement?

Once you’ve written about something, it can then be referred to as aforementioned. You already know that to mention something is to bring it up, so if you consider that afore sounds a little like before, you’ll know that aforementioned is simply something that’s been said previously.

How do I mention an old email?

Use “as mentioned in my previous email” to call attention to the content of a prior message you sent. To sound more friendly, expand the phrase to “as I mentioned in my previous email.” Use this when you would like to provide more information about a previous statement.

What is another word for as previously mentioned?

What is another word for previously mentioned?

aforesaid aforementioned
earlier mentioned
same selfsame
previously described earlier mentioned
mentioned earlier prior mentioned

Is abovementioned a word?

The difference between Above-mentioned and Abovementioned When used as adjectives, above-mentioned means mentioned or named before, whereas abovementioned means mentioned above.

How do you say mentioned before?

  1. As I said before …
  2. Like I said …
  3. Like I said before …
  4. Further to my previous comments …
  5. As previously stated …
  6. As I mentioned before …
  7. As previously mentioned …
  8. Before, I wrote …