What is another word for post secondary?

What is another word for post secondary?

What is another word for post-secondary education?

further education level 3 education
postsecondary education tertiary education
tertiary learning

What does post secondary plans mean?

A postsecondary program is an. educational program for students who have earned their high school diploma or equivalent. (TASC) and are looking for education/training beyond that level, often to prepare them for a. career.

What is another name for secondary education?

In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for secondary-school, like: intermediate-school, middle-school, high-school, junior-high-school, prep-school, preparatory school, senior-high-school, college preparatory school, lyceum, lycée and gymnasium.

What are examples of postsecondary education?

Postsecondary options are varied and may include public or private universities, colleges, community colleges, career/technical schools, vocational/trade schools, centers for continuing education, campus transition programs, and apprenticeship programs.

What is the synonym of tertiary?

post-secondary, higher, third-level, superior, upper, third, high.

What is post-secondary education in Canada mean?

​What is considered as post-secondary education in Canada? Post-secondary education refers to those whose highest level of educational attainment is an apprenticeship, trades certificate or college, CEGEP, or other non-university certificates or diplomas; university certificates or diplomas are below bachelor level.

Is it post secondary or postsecondary?

The definition of postsecondary is a reference to any education beyond high school. An example of postsecondary is a college education. (education, US and Canada) Of or pertaining to education or educational institutions subsequent to secondary school or high school.

What is Post planning in school?

Planning for post-school outcomes is a partnership between the school, the community, the family and the student to create a strong support system for the student as he or she grows and develops aspirations for life as a productive member of the community.

What are other words for should?


  • have (to),
  • must,
  • need,
  • ought (to),
  • shall.

What is secondary and post-secondary education?

Tip. Secondary education refers to high school instruction. After earning a high school diploma or equivalent, many students choose to pursue postsecondary education, such as a vocational certificate or college degree.

What is post-secondary school in US?

Postsecondary education includes non-degree programs that lead to certificates and diplomas plus six degree levels: associate, bachelor, first professional, master, advanced intermediate, and research doctorate. The U.S. system does not offer a second or higher doctorate, but does offer postdoctorate research programs.

What is post secondary planning?

http://www.nsttac.org/tm_materials/post_secondary_goals.aspx. Postsecondary goals identify the student’s long-term goals for living, working and learning as an adult. The projected postsecondary goals in the student’s IEP establish a direction for the school, student, student’s family and any participating agencies to work towards in recommending transition activities for the student.

What are post secondary options?

Four-year Colleges and Universities.

  • Two-Year Colleges.
  • Vocational-Technical Schools and Programs.
  • Adult Education and Continuing Education Programs.
  • Life Skills Programs.
  • What is a post secondary transition plan?

    Transition services are crucial in supporting students as they plan for post-school goals. Transition plans assist students in meeting their post-school goals, such as: gainful employment, post-secondary education or training, independent living, military, and/or group living. These plans are designed to meet individual needs as they progress