What is HSS score?

What is HSS score?

The HSS Knee Score is based on a total of 100 points. The score is divided into seven categories, which in- clude pain, function, range of motion, muscle strength, flexion deformity, instability, and subtractions.

How is the Oxford knee scored?

The overall score for the OKS is acquired by simply summing the scores received for individual questions. This results in a continuous score ranging from 0 (most severe symptoms/problems) to 48 (least severe).

What is the score of the knee?

The Oxford Knee Score (OKS) is a 12-item patient-reported PRO specifically designed and developed to assess function and pain after total knee replacement (TKR) surgery (arthroplasty). It is short, reproducible, valid and sensitive to clinically important changes.

What is the KSS knee score?

Knee Society Score — OrthoToolKit The original KSS has a “Knee Score” section (7 items) and a “Functional Score” section (3 items). Both sections are scored from 0 to 100 with lower scores being indicative of worse knee conditions and higher scores being indicative of better knee conditions.

How is Harris hip score calculated?

The HHS is a measure of dysfunction so the higher the score, the better the outcome for the individual. Results can be recorded and calculated online. The maximum score possible is 100. Results can be interpreted with the following: <70 = poor result; 70–80 = fair, 80–90 = good, and 90–100 = excellent.

What is Oxford partial knee replacement?

The Oxford® Partial Knee implant from Biomet Orthopedics is a partial knee implant designed to repair only one side of the knee (the medial side), making it much smaller than a total knee implant. By retaining all of the undamaged parts, the joint may bend and function more naturally.

How is WOMAC score calculated?

The overall WOMAC score (index) is determined by summing the scores across the three dimensions and the score ranges include 0–240 (derived from the VAS 0–10 or NRS scale), or 0–2400 (derived from the VAS 0–100) or 0–96 (derived from a 0–4 Likert scale).

What is a good KSS score?

The Clinical AKSS evaluates pain, in a total of 50 points, stability, 25 points, and range of motion, 25 points. The maximum score of 100 points is reached when there is no pain, with good alignment of the knee in extension, and at least 125° of range of motion, without any anteroposterior or mediolateral instability.

What is Koos Jr?

The Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, Joint Replacement (KOOS, JR) is a survey measuring overall knee health for individuals post total knee arthroplasty (TKA) by evaluating stiffness, pain, function, and activities of daily living.(1,2)

What is the modified Harris hip score?

The Harris hip score (HHS) is a joint specific score that is completed by both the clinician and the patient and consists of 10 items covering domains of pain, function, functional activities, deformity and hip range of motion.

What is the scour test?

The Hip Quadrant test is a passive test that is used to assess if the hip is the source of a patient’s symptoms. The hip quadrant test is also known as the quadrant scour test. This test is not to be confused with the quadrant test for the lumbar spine.

How long do Oxford knees last?

The Oxford® Knee Replacement is the first implant that can accomplish this task with proven long term success of good or excellent results of 95% at 15 years and beyond.