What is maximum income for Medicaid in Mississippi?

What is maximum income for Medicaid in Mississippi?

Income Limits for Medicaid and CHIP Programs

Family Size 1 2
Monthly Income $2,424 $3,265

How do I contact Mississippi Medicaid?

Call 1-800-421-2408 (Deaf and Hard of Hearing VP: 1-228-206-6062).

How do I check the status of my Medicaid application in Mississippi?

To locate your Mississippi Medicaid Regional Office, please visit www.medicaid.ms.gov/RegionalOffices.aspx. You may also call Medicaid’s toll-free telephone number at 1-800-421-2408.

How do I get free healthcare in Mississippi?

Medicaid is offered to very low income families as well as households living in poverty in Mississippi. Medicaid can cover the uninsured too. This is a free government health insurance plan. It can help pay medical bills, cover doctor bills or visits, pay for prescription drugs, as well as other costs.

What are the requirements for Medicaid in MS?

Qualifications: The child must be disabled and in need of an institutional level of care. Income limits: income cannot exceed 250% of the federal poverty level and unearned income cannot exceed 135% of the federal poverty level. For more information, view the Guidelines for Persons Working and Disabled brochure.

Is my Mississippi Medicaid active?

Call 1-866-912- 6285 from any touch-tone phone and follow the prompts to select the appropriate menu options to reach our automated member eligibility verification system, twenty-four (24) hours a day. The automated system will prompt you to enter the member ID number and the month of service, to check eligibility.

How do I check to see if my Medicaid is active?

Verify your enrollment online

  1. Log in to your HealthCare.gov account.
  2. Click on your name in the top right and select “My applications & coverage” from the dropdown.
  3. Select your completed application under “Your existing applications.”
  4. Here you’ll see a summary of your coverage.