What is meant by sustainable yield?

What is meant by sustainable yield?

The sustainable yield of renewable natural resources is traditionally defined as the extraction level of the resource which does not exceed the growth.

What is the difference between maximum sustainable yield and optimum sustainable yield?

The maximum sustainable yield is usually higher than the optimum sustainable yield and maximum economic yield. MSY is extensively used for fisheries management. Unlike the logistic (Schaefer) model, MSY has been refined in most modern fisheries models and occurs at around 30% of the unexploited population size.

What is the best definition of maximum sustainable yield?

The maximum sustainable yield (MSY) for a given fish stock means the highest possible annual catch that can be sustained over time, by keeping the stock at the level producing maximum growth. The MSY refers to a hypothetical equilibrium state between the exploited population and the fishing activity.

What is the difference between maximum sustained yield MSY and optimum sustained yield OSY?

Maximum sustainable yield (MSY) is the largest yield/catch that can be taken from a species’ stock over an indefinite period. MSY will be exactly at half the carrying capacity of a species. Optimum sustainable yield (OSY) is yield level to maximize the difference between total revenue and total cost.

What is an example of sustained yield management in forestry?

Selective cutting and replanting of trees are practices that can help ensure that a forest can sustain its economic yields and ecological integrity for the years to come. Simply put, Sustained Yield Use is a form of forestry and natural resource management that aims at “not killing the hen that lays the golden egg”.

How do you calculate maximum sustainable yield?

This means that if an industry stops harvesting at half its carrying capacity, the population can quickly recover and allow for a successful harvest time after time. The golden question, then, has a golden answer. The maximum sustainable yield (MSY) for a population is exactly equal to half of its carrying capacity.

What do you mean by optimum yield?

Definition: An optimum yield is the amount of fish harvested that: (a) will provide the greatest overall benefit to the national economy, particularly with respect to food production and recreational opportunities, and taking into account the protection of marine ecosystems; or.

What is the optimum yield level?

optimum yield (maximum sustained yield, MSY) The theoretical point at which the size of a population is such as to produce a maximum rate of increase, equal to half the carrying capacity. The concept is of practical use in farming and has been applied widely to commercial fisheries.

What is the maximum sustained yield of an economically valuable species quizlet?

Maximum Sustainable Yield: 1. MSY is the largest yield (or catch) that can be taken from a species’ stock over an indefinite period.

What is the difference between maximum yield and maximum sustainable yield quizlet?

Terms in this set (9) What is maximum sustainable yield? MSY is the largest yield that can be taken from the stock of species over an indefinite period of time. MSY aims to maintain the population size at the point of maximum growth rate by harvesting the individuals that would normally be added to the population.

Why is sustained yield management important?

Sustained yield ensures the feasibility of continuous, long-term exploitation of available resources to obtain regular harvests.

What is meant by sustainable forestry?

“Sustainable” means to maintain, continue, and keep, while “forestry” is the science and art of managing forests. Thus, sustainable forestry is about caring for and managing forests to provide the natural resources, such as wood and clean water, we need now and in the future.