What is Nano titanium coating?

What is Nano titanium coating?

ecoat Nano Titanium is a water-based solution formulated with nanotechnology and contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). When applied to the interior of a car via spray, it remains on surfaces and is activated over time via photocatalytic chemistry to help to control the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

How long does Modesta coating last?

10 years
Modesta can offer up to 10 years of paint protection with proper maintenance.

How much does Modesta coating cost?

How Much Do They Cost? The price of this coating depends on the size of your car and the extent of the coverage (e.g., exterior only, full exterior and interior). The cost can range from $770 for a BC-05 to $2,750 for the PL line.

How long does Modesta ceramic coating last?

A Modesta Ceramic coating creates a permanent bond with the vehicles paint meaning it does not wash away or breakdown. Modesta Glass Coatings (ceramic coating) can last 3, 5 or 10 years.

What is titanium car coating?

CS-II Titanium Coating is the finest automotive titanium coating on the planet. It utilizes the next generation of protective coating for automotive surfaces. The extremely long-lasting crystal coat acts as a protective armor against acid rain, bird droppings, road film, tar and harmful UV rays.

What is titanium pro coating?

Breadcrumb. Tefal has always been the reference in non-stick technology and has now invented Titanium Pro, a coating reinforced by a hard titanium base. This exclusive and patented technology is guaranteed to last twice as long as standard coatings (Tefal Intensium, for example).

Is Modesta ceramic coating worth it?

If you love your car and you want the best protection money can buy, you will want to go with Modesta Private Label or Modesta BC-04. It is the thickest, most durable, longest-lasting Ceramic Coating that the market has to offer plus the candy-like gloss is simply incredible.

What is Modesta?

Modesta is a Global company that focuses on advanced technologies in automotive maintenance; specifically, the detail and finish of already purchased vehicles.

What is ceramic coating for cars?

What is ceramic coating? Ceramic coating in general is a nano protective layer on your car to prevent from bird drops, scratches, stone chips, iron powder, UV, dust and dirt.

Can titanium be coated?

Plating on Titanium With Nickel Nickel is one metal that has been used for plating on titanium with a relatively high level of success. A nickel coating can increase the corrosion resistance of the titanium substrate and make it less susceptible to wear.

Is titanium better than stainless steel?

Titanium vs Stainless Steel: Durability Both titanium and stainless steel are durable – thanks to the excellent properties they offer. In comparison, titanium is approximately 3 to 4 times stronger than stainless steel. This makes titanium to have a prolonged lifespan for generations.