What is Pia Zadora known for?

What is Pia Zadora known for?

Pia Zadora was born on May 4, 1954 in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA. She is an actress, known for The Lonely Lady (1983), Butterfly (1981) and Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1984). She has been married to Michael Jeffries since January 7, 2006.

What nationality is Pia Zadora?

AmericanPia Zadora / Nationality

Zadora was born Pia Alfreda Schipani in Hoboken, New Jersey. Her father, Alphonse Schipani, was an Italian-American violinist, and her mother, Saturnina Schipani (née Zadorowski), was a Polish American theatrical wardrobe supervisor for Broadway productions, the Metropolitan Opera and the New York City Opera.

Who is Pia Zadora mother?

Saturnina ZadorowskiPia Zadora / Mother

When was Pia Zadora born?

May 4, 1954 (age 68 years)Pia Zadora / Date of birth

Is Pia Zadora a germaphobe?

Zadora is not a fan of the outdoors and calls herself a “germaphobe,” regularly venturing out in protective hats, gloves and masks. She has a steady gig performing at Piero’s on the Vegas Strip where Michael and Jordan regularly enjoy lavish steak dinners.

Did Pia Zadora play Anne Frank?

But the dangers of tampering with Anne Frank’s diary and transforming it into theatre are illustrated by a legendary Broadway story. When the play was revived in New York some years back its lead actress, Pia Zadora, was frankly not adequate in the title role.

How old was Pia Zadora?

68 years (May 4, 1954)Pia Zadora / Age

How old is Pia Zadora today?

Did Pia Zadora win a Golden Globe?

In 1982, scandal rocked the Golden Globes again. Pia Zadora won a Golden Globe in the category “New Star of the Year in a Motion Picture – Female” for her performance in Butterfly. At the time she was competing against Elizabeth McGovern (RagTime) and Kathleen Turner (Body Heat).

Is there a musical about Anne Frank?

Anne Frank, a Musical is written by Jean-Pierre Hadida. Directed and produced by David Serero, also starring as Otto Frank. This is the live performance of the 2019 Off-Broadway production and U.S Premiere.

Is Anne Frank still on Broadway?

After a sold-out debut in September 2019 (at the Center for Jewish History), Anne Frank: The Musical returns off-Broadway at the Actors Temple Theatre. Written by Jean-Pierre Hadida, adapted in English by Dylan Hadida, this musical was highly recognized in France for the last 10 years.

Did Natalie Portman play Anne Frank?

Portman played Anne Frank in a Broadway revival of the play, The Diary of Anne Frank, in 1997.

How old is Pia Zadora?

(Error Code: 102630) Pia Zadora was born on May 4, 1954 in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA as Pia Alfreda Schipani. She is an actress, known for The Lonely Lady (1983), Butterfly (1981) and Voyage of the Rock Aliens (1984).

Why is Pia Zadora in the attic?

Zadora was the subject of an anecdotal joke in the mid-1980s: Pia was supposedly playing the title role in a Broadway revival of The Diary of Anne Frank, and the reaction to her performance was such that, when Nazi soldiers come knocking at the door of the Frank family’s hiding place, the audience starts chanting: “She’s in the attic!

How did Zadora become famous?

At the time when Zadora became the “ad girl” for the French wine-based aperitif, her first husband was a major shareholder of the American distributor for Dubonnet. She made her first records in the 1960s, which included “Bye Bye Boy”, for which she was billed as “Little Pia”. In 1990 she toured as an opening act for Frank Sinatra.