What is Plato Aristotle theory of family?

What is Plato Aristotle theory of family?

Aristotle (2001f) argued further that respect and love grow best in the context of recognized, stable family relationships: “Of the two qualities which chiefly inspire regard and affection—that a thing is your own and that it is your only one—neither can exist in such a state as [the one proposed by Plato]” (II.

What type of government did Aristotle believe in?

constitutional government

What are the key details for Aristotle and democracy?

For Aristotle, democracy is not the best form of government. As is also true of oligarchy and monarchy, rule in a democracy is for and by the people named in the government type. In a democracy, rule is by and for the needy.

Who used the force theory?

Beginning in the early 17th century, British people began to arrive in North America to set up colonies under their own government. Though it was a long process that unfolded over two centuries, the Native peoples in the United States were eventually brought under American rule through the use of force.

What is the theory where the state came from the family called?

According to evolutionary theory, government originates from a family or clan-bound structure, which can explain the formation of the world’s first political structures.

What does Aristotle say about family?

Aristotle’s main notion is that the ancient Greek polis or city-state is the natural end of human beings; they start in family groups, progress naturally to forming villages, and finally come together in cities. Thus the family forms the root of human relationships, but the city is the flower.

What does Aristotle say about wealth?

For Aristotle, true wealth is the available stock of useful things (i.e., use values). He is concerned with having enough useful things to maintain the needs of the household and the polis. He says that wealth-getting that aims at use-value is legitimate.

What is the force theory of the origin States?

Force Theory This theory proposes that the origin of state is developed through the use of force. One person or a small group of people claim control over the population in a specific area by force. Once the rule is well established the state is established. This theory is generally a result of war.

What are the four origins of a state?

Here are the 4 main theories on how the state originated: • First, can we name them? Evolutionary Theory- developed out of the early family 3. The Divine Right Theory- “Divine Right to rule” 4. The Social Contract Theory- the state arose out of a voluntary act of free people.

Who is a proponent of a cultural theory of state formation?

Charles Baron de Montesquieu (1689- 1755) was a Philosopher and he is often called the ancestor of sociology. He built on the work of Aristotle and added three types of social organizations with differences in cultural bias to the different types of governments.

Did Aristotle have a family?

During his three-year stay in Mysia, Aristotle met and married his first wife, Pythias, King Hermias’ niece. Together, the couple had a daughter, Pythias, named after her mother. Regardless, it is known that Herpyllis bore Aristotle children, including one son named Nicomachus, after Aristotle’s father.

Which theory on the origin of the state was most influential?

The Divine Right theory claims that God created the state and that God had given those of royal birth a divine right to rule. The social contract theory claims the origin of state is that of social contract. You just studied 12 terms!

What is the types of state?

Types of state can be separated into two categories: democracy and dictatorship. However, just because a group of states are all democratic does not mean that they follow the same rules. Iran, Pakistan, France, Germany and the United States of America are all states. Each of them sees itself as a democracy.

What is divine origin theory?

The theory of divine rights of the kings also known as the Divine Origin theory is one of the oldest theory of the origin of the state. The supporters of this theory believed that the state doesn’t come into being by the people but it is the handiwork of God on the earth. …

What are theories of state formation?

Much of the social contract philosophical tradition proposed a voluntary theory for state formation. One of the most prominent theories of early and primary state formation is the hydraulic hypothesis, which contends that the state was a result of the need to build and maintain large-scale irrigation projects.

What is the evolutionary theory of the state?

The Evolutionary Theory. This theory is formed on the principle that the state was an evolution of the family, becoming more and more complex as the family grew. The Force Theory. This theory is based upon the idea that a government arose when the people of an area were brought under the authority of one person or …