What is Rare Corojo?

What is Rare Corojo?

Punch Rare Corojo Cigars are a well balanced aromatic cigar featuring premium aged tobacco. The name says it all: RARE and these cigars don’t last long on the shelves. The cigar uses a bevy blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano, Honduran and Nicaraguan long fillers, and a flavorful Connecticut broadleaf binder.

Who makes Punch cigars?

General Cigar Company
Punch is the name of two brands of cigars, one produced on the island of Cuba for Habanos SA, the Cuban state-owned tobacco company, and the other produced in Honduras for General Cigar Company.

Are Corojo cigars strong?

Honduran Corojo is spicy and sweet and carries significant complexity. Camacho Corojo is an excellent example of how good – and strong – this hybrid Corojo can be. The Camacho Corojo Robusto, 5 x 50 (around $8.00), is a full-bodied, spicy cigar with all-Honduran filler, much of it Ligero.

What is a Corojo cigar?

Corojo is a type of tobacco, primarily used in the making of wrappers for cigars. The variety was originally grown in the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba but is today grown exclusively in the Jamastran valley of Honduras and in the United States in Western Kentucky.

Is Punch a good cigar brand?

Punch cigars have a reputation for being straightforward fuller-bodied smokes. As one of the most iconic names in the world of cigars, as well as one of the most popular brands on the market today, this one was a prime candidate for a review on our blog.

Is Punch a good cigar?

Punch is regarded as one of the finest premium cigar brands to ever exist. As the name would suggest, Punch has a strong place in the cigar market and has stood the test of time. The Punch brand is the second oldest cigar brand in the world and proved itself as a favorite of aficionados generation after generation.

What diseases did Corojo tobacco seize existence in Cuba?

Redonet coldly explained that El Corojo was too susceptible to diseases such as black shank, a root fungus that causes the tobacco stalk to wither and the leaves to droop, and blue mold, so growers could no longer risk using the tobacco.

What is Sumatra wrapper?

What Are Sumatra Wrappers? Sumatra wrappers come from tobacco made on the island of Sumatra. Sumatra tobacco is also known as black tobacco, and when it is used as a wrapper leaf, it imparts mild and sweet flavour and aroma when smoking.

What is corojo English?

corojo [m] palm bearing an oily nut.

What does Connecticut mean in cigars?

Connecticut Valley leaf – grown in Connecticut under thin sheets of cloth, is a thinner, more elastic leaf that cures to a lighter, even color. Grown in direct sunlight, the leaf would be coarse and tough. But by shading it, the sunlight is filtered.

Is punch a strong cigar?

Punch cigars are best suited for more experienced smokers, although they may also be enjoyed by newer or occasional cigar smokers, given that they are not overwhelmingly strong. It is advised to smoke them carefully, as over-smoking them can cause a build-up of strength and/or bitter tars.

Are Punch cigars handmade?

Punch cigars are currently handmade at the Honduras American Tobacco S. A. factory in Honduras.

What is a rare Corojo cigar?

Punch Rare Corojo is a limited production cigar that is released annually in the spring. The wrapper on this cigar is exclusively cultivated for Punch Rare Corojo. The rich Ecuadorean Sumatra wrapper has a reddish brown color and smooth taste.

What is a punch rare Corojo?

“Punch rare corojo. Very smooth and flavorful. ” “Very flavorful!” “Very nice and spicy smoke. Don’t be fooled by the small size, very big on taste.” Punch Rare Corojo is a limited production cigar that is released annually in the spring. The wrapper on this cigar is exclusively cultivated for Punch Rare Corojo.

Where are cigars grown in Honduras?

Danli and the Jamastran Valley is considered the heart of Honduras’ cigar industry. The Jamastran Valley is known for producing a full-bodied tobacco that draws strong comparisons to the tobacco grown in the Pinar del Rio region of Cuba.