What is segregation of a concrete mix give some examples?

What is segregation of a concrete mix give some examples?

The concrete should be free form segregation. It is defined as the breaking up of cohesion (separation of concrete aggregate) in a mass of concrete . It results in honey combing, decrease in density, and ultimately loss of strength of hardened concrete.

What is meant by segregation of concrete?

Segregation of concrete is the separation of cement paste and aggregates of concrete from each other during handling and placement. Segregation also occurs due to over-vibration or compaction of concrete, in which cement paste comes to the top and aggregates settles at the bottom.

What are the types of segregation in concrete?

There are two forms of segregation in concrete:

  • Segregation due to the Separation of Aggregates.
  • Segregation due to the Separation of Cement Slurry.

What are the main reasons of concrete segregation?


  • Poorly graded aggregate & excessive water content is the major cause of segregation.
  • A badly proportioned mix, where sufficient matrix is not there to bond and contain the aggregate cause aggregates to settle down.

What is segregation and bleeding explain?

Segregation occurs when the principal ingredients in a concrete mix – in other words, gravel aggregate, cement, and water – separate prior to and during the curing process. Moreover, Segregation causes excessive amounts of water to rise to the surface. This process is know as bleeding.

How is segregation measured in concrete?

The segregation in concrete is very difficult to be tested. But the occurrence can be easily detected. Flow Test can be used to determine the susceptibility of the concrete mix that is likely to segregate. In dry mixes, the heavier particles will move way and they will occupy the edges of a flow table.

What are the types of segregation?

Segregation is made up of two dimensions: vertical segregation and horizontal segregation.

What are the effects of segregation of concrete?

The segregation includes undesirable properties in the hardened concrete. It can also cause honeycombing in concrete. Segregation also has ill effects on durability, compressive strength and all other characteristics of concrete. It also leads to the development of cavities in the concrete surface.

What are the effects of segregation in concrete?

What is the bleeding of concrete?

Bleeding described as the separation of water from a concrete mix due to gravitational settlement of the solid materials was recognized many years ago as a form of segregation, the excessive occurrence of which leads to laitance, green shrinkage, sand streaking, non-uniformity of strength, water gain voids under …

What is segregation and bleeding in concrete?