What is Sephadex g200?

What is Sephadex g200?

A special hydroxypropylated form of Sephadex resin, named Sephadex LH-20, is used for the separation and purification of small organic molecules such as steroids, terpenoids, lipids.

How does a Sephadex column work?

Gel filtration based on Sephadex enables group separation of biomolecules that are above the exclusion limit of the medium, from contaminants such as salts, dyes, and radioactive labels. Sephadex is prepared by cross-linking dextran with epichlorohydrin.

What is a Sephadex G-50 column?

Sephadex G-50 grade F is a size exclusion chromatography resin designed for desalting and buffer exchange, and for purification of DNA and oligonucleotides greater than 20 bases in length using spin columns. For purification of DNA from small molecules by size exclusion.

What does Sephadex G 100 mean?

Sephadex®G-100 is a gel filtration medium used in protein chromatography, affinity chromatography and gel filtration chromatography. It has been used: in gel filtration column for α-amylase purification.

What is Sephadex g75?

Sephadex® G-75 is a gel filtration media used in gel filtration chromatography and protein chromatography. It has been used for desaltation process to study the production, purification, and immobilization of l-asparaginase II (ASNase II) in chitosan nanoparticles (CSNPs).

Which gel is used in gel filtration chromatography?

Media for gel exclusion chromatography The media used for gel exclusion chromatography include dextran (Sephadex™), polyacrylamide (Bio-Gel P™) and dextran-polyacrylamide (Sephacryl™) and agarose (Sepharose™ and BioGel A™).

Why is it important with column chromatography not to let the column run dry?

Swelling of the stationary phase slows down a chromatography column. As a general rule, we want the stationary phase to always be covered in solvent. If we let the stationary phase get exposed to air (if we let it run dry and don’t replace the solvent), the opposite of swelling happens. The stationary phase shrinks.

How do you use Sephadex LH-20?

In solvents such as chloroform, Sephadex® LH-20 is less dense than the solvent and the medium will float. Pour the medium into the column and drain until the second adapter can be inserted. Lock the adapter in position at the surface of the medium and direct the flow of chloroform upwards.

What is the exclusion limit of Sephadex G-50?

Sephadex® G-50 Fine is suitable for purification of DNA from small molecules by gel filtration (exclusion limit: 20 bp dsDNA (rA)20).

How do you store Sephadex columns?

If you need to store the column, wash it with water then with 20% ethanol. Cap the top and bottom of the column and to trap the 20% ethanol from dripping out or evaporating. Store it at 4 degrees C to further ensure that you don’t get any growth.

What is Sephadex used for?

Sephadex G-25 column chromatography was used for the separation of bound 3H-d-aldosterone from free 3H-d-aldosterone. 150 mm × 9 mm columns were prepared. Tris-CaCl2 buffer (pH 7.4) was used as eluant, except where otherwise stated, and 0.5 ml fractions of eluate were collected.

What is G in Sephadex g25?

Sephadex G-25 is one of five different G-types ranging from G-10 for small molecules to G-75 for larger molecules. Sephadex G-25 is available in 4 different particle sizes (Coarse, Medium, Fine & Superfine). Sephadex G-25 is available in different bulk pack sizes and convenient pre-packed formats.