What is Shakargarh famous for?

What is Shakargarh famous for?

Shakargarh was only tehsil of district Gurdaspur which was included in Pakistan at the time of the independence of Pakistan in 1947. The literacy rate of Shakargarh is more than 97.6%, the highest in Pakistan. Pakistan Standard Time is also referenced from Shakargarh. Ghulam Haider (November 17, 2015).

What is history of Shakargarh?

Before independence of Pakistan, Shakargarh town was the headquarters of tehsil Shakargarh, which formed part of Gurdaspur district. Under the Radcliff Award, Shakargarh tehsil was transferred to Pakistan and attached with Sialkot district. Then in 1991, Shakargarh was attached with Narowal district.

How many villages are in the Narowal district?

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Is Narowal district or tehsil?

Narowal District takes its name from its headquarters town. It is divided into two tehsils viz Narowal and Shakargarh. Before coming into being the district, both Narowal and Shakargarh were the tehsils of the district Sialkot. In 1991, Narowal district was created comprising Narowal and Shakargarh tehsils.

What is the population of Shakargarh?

The Tehsil is administratively subdivided into 35 Union Councils, three of which form the Tehsil capital Shakargarh….Shakargarh.

Shakargarh شکَرگڑھ
• Total 1,272 km2 (491 sq mi)
Population (2006)
• Total 256,097
Time zone UTC+5 (PST)

What is Narowal state?

Narowal District (Punjabi and Urdu: ضِلع نارووال), is a district in the province of Punjab of Pakistan. Narowal city is the capital of the district.

What is the postal code of Shakargarh?

51800Shakar Garh / Zip code

What is postal code of Narowal?

Narowal, Punjab – Central

Region 2 City Postcode (ZIP)
Narowal Balshahan 51601
Narowal Bamboo 51801
Narowal Bara Pind 51671
Narowal Baramanga 51780

How many union councils are in Narowal?

39 Union Councils
Narowal (Urdu: تحصیل نارووال) is a tehsil located in Narowal District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is administratively subdivided into 39 Union Councils, four of which form the tehsil capital Narowal.

Which district has highest literacy rate in Pakistan?

Literacy remains much higher in urban areas than in rural areas and much higher in men than in women. Islamabad with 84 percent leads all districts in terms of literacy and Kohlu with 9 percent lags behind all districts in terms of literate population 10 years and older.

How many Tehsil are in District Narowal?

Narowal District formed in 1991, when the two tehsils of Narowal and Shakargarh were split off from Sialkot District….Narowal District.

Narowal District ضِلع نارووال
Number of Tehsils 3

What is zafarwal zip code?


Elevation 268 m (879 ft)
Time zone UTC+5 (PST)
Zip/Postal Code 51670
Calling code 0542

Where is Gumtala village in Punjab?

Gumtala village is located in Phillaur Tehsil of Jalandhar district in Punjab, India. It is situated 5km away from sub-district headquarter Phillaur and 40km away from district headquarter Jalandhar. As per 2009 stats, Gumtala village is also a gram panchayat.

What is the history of Shakargarh Tehsil?

Sialkot was annexed by the British after the Second Anglo-Sikh War in 1849. In 1853, Shakargarh Tehsil of Sialkot District was transferred to Gurdaspur District and it remained an administrative subdivision of Gurdaspur District until Partition in 1947.

Where is Shakargarh located in Jammu and Kashmir?

It borders Jammu to the north and Sialkot to the west Its literacy rate is more than 85% which is the highest literacy rate tehsil-wise. The city is located at 32°16’0N 75°10’0E and is situated at the west bank of the Ravi River. The tehsil is administratively subdivided into 35 Union Councils, three of which form the tehsil capital Shakargarh.

What is the total geographical area of Gumtala sub urban village?

Amritsar and Amritsar- Ii are the district & sub-district headquarters of Gumtala Sub Urban village respectively. As per 2009 stats, Gumtala Colony is the gram panchayat of Gumtala Sub Urban village. The total geographical area of village is 1142 hectares.