What is Spasticated?

What is Spasticated?

Messed up. Oh my god you spazdicated pigeon.

What are spastics called today?

Word forms: plural spastics. adjective. Someone who is spastic is born with a disability which makes it difficult for them to control their muscles, especially in their arms and legs. People now refer to someone with this disability as having cerebral palsy.

Is spastic a slang word?

Retard (or the R-word), and spastic are words which were historically used to describe people with a disability, but have now become offensive slang.

What is a synonym for spastic?

herky-jerky. hit-or-miss. impulsive. inconstant. intermittent.

Is spazzing out offensive?

Potentially offensive. I must have a virus or something, because my computer keeps spazzing out on me!

What does Spaz mean in UK?

an incompetent person
spaz in British English (spæz ) offensive, slang. noun. 1. an incompetent person.

What does spaz out mean?

verb (used without object), spazzed, spaz·zing. to move in an awkward or clumsy way (usually followed by out): She spazzed out and we had broken glass all over the floor. to become more angry than a situation warrants (usually followed by out): Mom spazzed out when she smelled cigarette smoke on my clothes.

Is PC a spastic?

In medicine, spastic refers to an alteration in muscle tone affected by the medical condition spasticity, which is seen in spastic diplegia and many other forms of cerebral palsy and also in terms such as “spastic colon”.

What is the synonym for manic?

mad, insane, deranged, demented, maniacal, lunatic, crazed, wild, demonic, demoniacal, hysterical, raving, neurotic, unhinged, unbalanced.

What is the R word on TikTok?

The R-Slur is slang for the word ‘retard’ or ‘retarded’, and a number of videos have recently emerged that see TikTok users warning against the use of the word, fearing that it has been normalised on social media.

What Spazzed means?

Is spaz offensive in the USA?

The term is more commonly used in the U.S. but is still offensive to many in the disability community.

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