What is Spouge music in Barbados?

What is Spouge music in Barbados?

Spouge is a style of Barbadian popular music created by Jackie Opel in the 1960s. It is primarily a fusion of Jamaican ska with Trinidadian calypso, but is also influenced by a wide variety of musics from the British Isles and United States, including sea shanties, hymns, and spirituals.

Where was Spouge music created?

Spouge music was created by Barbadian musician Jackie Opel (real name Dalton Sinclair Bishop) in the 1960s. Jackie was a Bajan singer and bassist who spent a lot of time recording music in Jamaica.

What kind of music is played in Barbados?

The Caribbean music style has pioneered much of the world’s unique sounds, and Barbados’ music is no exception. Soca, Calypso, jazz, spouge, reggae and dancehall have found a home here and you can be sure to hear the diverse rhythms year-round.

How was Spouge music created?

Spouge music is a marrying of ska from Jamaica and calypso from Trinidad with an influence of a wide selection of music from the British Isles and the United States. These included hymns, spirituals and sea shanties. This genre of music was given birth to by Barbados’ very own Jackie Opel in the 1960s.

What is Barbados Dance?

Dance. Barbadian folk dances include a wide variety of styles, performed at Landship, holidays and other occasions. Dancers and other performers at the crop over festivals, for example, are popular and an iconic part of Barbadian culture, known for dancing in the costumes of sugarcane-cutters.

What’s Barbados famous for?

It’s no secret that Barbados is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The serene Caribbean coast on the west is famed for its aquamarine waters and soft sands, while the wilder beaches in Barbados on the east coast are exhilarating to visit, with big rollers and dramatic scenery.

What culture is Barbados?

The culture of Barbados is a blend of West African and British cultures present in Barbados. English is the official language of the nation, reflecting centuries of British influence, but the Bajan dialect in which it is spoken is an iconic part of the Barbadian culture.

Are Barbados Black?

Black Barbadians or African Barbadians are Barbadians of entirely or predominantly African descent. 95.5% of the Barbadian population (92.4% black and 3.1% multiracial). 92.4% of Barbados’ population is black and 3.1% is multiracial based on estimates in 2010.

Is Barbados a poor country?

Barbados is the wealthiest and one of the most developed countries in the Eastern Caribbean and enjoys one of the highest per capita incomes in the region. Historically, the Barbadian economy was dependent on sugarcane cultivation and related activities.