What is sub array in C?

What is sub array in C?

A subarray is commonly defined as a part or section of an array. An array is a set of variables that a programmer defines collectively. Instead of creating separate variables, the programmer can declare a single array with multiple values labeled.

How do you find the sub array of an array?


  1. Traverse the array from start to end.
  2. From every index start another loop from i to the end of array to get all subarray starting from i, keep a variable sum to calculate the sum.
  3. For every index in inner loop update sum = sum + array[j]
  4. If the sum is equal to the given sum then print the subarray.

How do you create a sub array?

Generating subarrays using recursion

  1. Stop if we have reached the end of the array.
  2. Increment the end index if start has become greater than end.
  3. Print the subarray from index start to end and increment the starting index.

What is sub array and subsequence?

A subarray is a contiguous part of array and maintains relative ordering of elements. For an array/string of size n, there are n*(n+1)/2 non-empty subarrays/substrings. A subsequence maintain relative ordering of elements but may or may not be a contiguous part of an array.

How do you find the MEX of an array?

Note: The MEX of an array is equal to the smallest positive integer that is not present in the array. For example, MEX(1,2,4,2,3,6,7) = 5. The first line contains a single integer t denoting the number of test cases.

Are Subsequences and subsets same?

Subsequence: Need not to be contiguous, but maintains order i.e. Subset: Same as subsequence except it has empty set i.e. Show activity on this post. Consider these two properties in collection (array, sequence, set, etc) of elements: Order and Continuity.

How do I print a sub array?


  1. Use three nested loops.
  2. Outer loops will decide the starting point of a sub-array, call it as startPoint.
  3. First inner loops will decide the group size (sub-array size).
  4. The most inner loop will actually print the sub-array by iterating the given array from startPoint and print the next grps elements.

What is subsequence array?

A subsequence of an array is an ordered subset of the array’s elements having the same sequential ordering as the original array.

What is the mex of the string?

MEX of a binary string is defined as a number x such that all no. from 0 to x-1 are present as subsequence in its binary representation (without leading zeroes) in the string. Given a binary string s, Output MEX(s) (without leading zeroes) in binary format.

How do you find the MEX of a set?

Note:- The MEX of a set of integers is the minimum non-negative integer that doesn’t exist in it. For example, the MEX of the set {0, 2, 4} is 1 and the MEX of the set {1, 2, 3} is 0. Examples : Input : n = 5, x = 3 0 4 5 6 7 Output : 2 The MEX of the set {0, 4, 5, 6, 7} is 1 which is not equal to 3.

How many Subarrays are in an array?

The total number of subarrays in an array of size N is N * (N + 1) / 2. The count of subarrays with an odd product is equal to the total number of continuous odd elements present in the array.

How to initialize an array in C?

Initializer List: To initialize an array in C with the same value,the naive way is to provide an initializer list.

  • Designated Initializer: This initializer is used when we want to initialize a range with the same value.
  • Macros: For initializing a huge array with the same value we can use macros.
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    The value,Quincy is at index 0

  • The value Abbey is at index 1
  • The value Kolade is at index 2
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    In C and C++ Using the array access notation is natural. De-allocation is performed thus: delete[] pointer; pointer = NULL; Again, assigning NULL to the pointer after deallocation is just good programming practice.