What is the AMI for Spokane County?

What is the AMI for Spokane County?

AMI is the midpoint income for the local area….Income Limits.

Household Size 30% of AMI 50% of AMI
1 $16,250 $27,100
2 $18,600 $31,000
3 $21,720 $24,850
4 $26,200 $38,700

What is considered low-income in Spokane WA?

According to HUD, the median income in Spokane County is $65,700. By their numbers, to be considered “low-income” in Spokane, a family of four would have a household income of $52,550. For a single person to be considered low-income in Spokane County, a person would earn an income of $36,800.

What is the median income in Spokane WA 2021?

What are the median and average incomes in Spokane? The average annual household income in Spokane is $71,691, while the median household income sits at $52,600 per year.

What is the area median income in Spokane Washington?

In 2019, Spokane, WA had a population of 217k people with a median age of 36.2 and a median household income of $50,306. Between 2018 and 2019 the population of Spokane, WA grew from 214,804 to 217,353, a 1.19% increase and its median household income grew from $47,822 to $50,306, a 5.19% increase.

What is a livable wage in Spokane?

Living Wage Calculation for Spokane County, Washington

0 Children 2 Children
Living Wage $15.51 $22.05
Poverty Wage $6.19 $6.37
Minimum Wage $14.49 $14.49

What is the minimum wage in Spokane?

Initiative 1433, approved by Washington voters in 2016, requires a statewide minimum wage of $11.00 in 2017, $11.50 in 2018, $12.00 in 2019, and $13.50 in 2020. In 2022, the minimum wage in Washington is $14.49 per hour.

What is Spokane known for?

It is known as the birthplace of Father’s Day, and locally by the nickname of “Lilac City”. Officially, Spokane goes by the nickname of Hooptown USA, due to Spokane annually hosting Spokane Hoopfest, the world’s largest basketball tournament.

What is the racial makeup of Spokane WA?

Spokane Demographics White: 84.66% Two or more races: 5.91% Asian: 2.74% Black or African American: 2.30%

What is the racial makeup of Spokane Washington?

What is the cost of living in Spokane Washington?

Spokane cost of living is 92.3

COST OF LIVING Spokane Washington
Overall 92.3 118.7
Grocery 98.8 101.1
Health 83.1 83.8
Housing 94.2 164.9

Why is rent so high in Spokane?

Spokane’s brisk and competitive housing market has resulted in very little supply, which is spilling over into the rental market, Young said. “A lot of the problem comes down to whether people are able to buy or not,” Young said. “It really becomes a problem for first-time homebuyers trying to save for a deposit.”

Is Spokane a good place to live 2021?

Spokane is one of the best places to live in the country, with wonderful amenities you would expect in a bigger area, excellent universities, and great skiing for those who love the snow!