What is the best timber to build a pergola?

What is the best timber to build a pergola?

Western Red Cedar and Redwood are the two most commonly used woods for pergolas, aside from pressure-treated wood. Western Red Cedar (WRC) and Redwood are both naturally stunning woods and often lumped together.

What size timber is best for a pergola?

For the uprights you will need at least 75mm x 75mm (3” x 3”) timber, and 100mm x 100mm (4” x 4”) is better if it is to be a sizeable structure. The uprights need to be around 3m (10ft) long, as they will need sinking into the ground by 0.5m (2ft) to give a firm foundation.

How much does it cost to build a 12×12 pergola?

It costs $3,780 to build a 12×12 wooden pergola and about $5,270 for a vinyl one. So for a high-end 12×12 pergola, you are looking at around $3,500 to $5,500.

Can you use 4×4 posts for a pergola?

Support Posts For a very small pergola with only 4 to 6 feet between posts, 4×4 supports will work. For anything larger, though, the 6×6 stock will not only offer a beefier look and greater carrying capacity, but 6×6 also resists the twisting associated with the more spindly 4x4s.

Do I need pressure treated wood for pergola?

One of the most common types of wood used for pergola construction is pressure-treated pine. Pressure-treated pine, the most affordable option, is rot and insect resistant. However, a preservative will need to be applied after construction to slow the process of weathering.

Can I use 4×4 for pergola?

How far can a pergola beam span without support?

Although it depends on the species and grade of wood. As per thumb rule, for a pergola beam, 2″×12″ size timber you can span it upto 20 feet, 2×10 can span upto 16 feet, 2×8 can span upto 12 feet, 2×6 can span upto 10 feet and 2×4 can span upto 6 feet.

How much does it cost to build a 20×20 pergola?

National average cost of pergola building materials:

Building material Average cost per foot Average cost of a 100 square foot pergola
Alumawood $10-20 $1,000-2,000
Vinyl or PVC $10-25 $1,000-2500
Aluminum $20-30 $2,000-3,000
Wood (Pine) $22-30 $2,200-3,000

How far can a 2×8 span for pergola?

The IRC 2018 does not specify a maximum span for pergola beams. Because of this, it is best to go by the standard rule and multiply the depth by 1.5. This would give you 12 feet. You may be able to get away with another 1 to 2 feet depending on the species and grade of the wood but should avoid going past that.

Is pine Good for pergola?

Pressure treated pine, the most affordable pergola wood option, is also very rot and insect resistant and able to withstand severe elements.

What is the best timber for your new pergola?

Hardwood timber pergola. Hardwoods are produced by angiosperm trees that reproduce using flowers and have broad leaves.

  • Benefits of using hardwood timbers for your pergola. Hardwood is strong.
  • Softwood timber pergola. Softwood is usually wood from gymnosperm trees,such as pines and spruces.
  • Benefits of using softwoods for your pergola.
  • How to make a simple DIY pergola?

    _ Step 1 Lay the three upright posts for one side of your pergola on the ground. Cut two lengths of timber to 1.22m and use them to mark the correct distance between the uprights, top and bottom. Step 2 Lay a rafter in position, jutting 200mm from the edges of the outer posts. Then mark the outline of the post tops on the rafter.

    Which grade timber to use for Pergola?

    Two classic choices of wood for pergola kits are pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine and Western Red Rough Sawn Tight Knot Cedar. Both are excellent choices for a sturdy pergola that will last for many years. These wood types offer strength and durability that look good in many types of settings from rustic to traditional.

    Can I make a pergola with composite decking?

    Since a pergola is the only option, you should add the cost of constructing it to your budget when planning your wood-plastic composite decking. And if you have built the decking already, you can plan your pergola by creating a place to install it on your plastic wood decking.