What is the best XBox 360 Minecraft seed?

What is the best XBox 360 Minecraft seed?

The Best Minecraft XBox 360 Seeds

  • Spawn near eight villages and a double spawner. -1712219374.
  • Spawn right next to a cave with diamonds. 671954723.
  • Spawn near a lot of unique biomes and big villages. -1278732637.
  • Spawn near a taiga with a village. -198441644.

What is the best seed in Minecraft for survival?

Great seeds for survival Minecraft worlds

  • #5 – Horses and houses (Seed: 8678942899319966093)
  • #4 – Easy Nether access (Seed: 150350241)
  • #3 – Structures for survival (Seed: 150350241)
  • #2 – Blacksmith at spawn (Seed: 686298914)
  • #1 – Incredible island (Seed: 542630838)

What is Minecrafts luckiest seed?

10 Luckiest Minecraft Seeds

  • Lucky Nether Spawn. Random nether spawn is a Minecraft seed that will serve you well in your Minecraft gameplay.
  • Multiple Blacksmith.
  • Glitched End Portal.
  • Pillager Outpost.
  • Savanna And Village.
  • Archipelago.
  • Bamboo Jungle.
  • Large Island And Village.

What is the most adventurous seed in Minecraft?

Best Minecraft Seeds are where to spawn for the best adventures

  • Meteor mystery (Java 1.14+)
  • Shipwreck survival (Java 1.14+)
  • A song of ice and spire (Bedrock/Pocket Edition)
  • Bamboo safari (Bedrock, Pocket Edition)
  • Biome bundle (Java 1.14+)
  • Emerald temple (Bedrock, Pocket Edition)
  • Ravine lodgings (Java 1.13+)

How many diamonds are in a Minecraft world Xbox 360?

How many diamonds are in a Minecraft world? The amount of diamonds in a Minecraft world amounts to about 350 million double-chests full of diamond blocks.

What update is Minecraft XBox 360 on?

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition TU73 was released on December 18, 2018 and is the final update for the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition….Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition TU73 Version History.

Update Name Title Update 73
Version Number TU73
Release Date December 18, 2018
Revision Type Final Release

What is the best level to find diamonds in Minecraft Xbox 360?

Diamond Ore is a very rare and desirable ore found near the bedrock layer deep underground (commonly layers 5-12). When mined with a Iron Pickaxe or higher, it releases 1 Diamond (2, 3, or 4 diamonds when mined with a pickaxe enchanted with Fortune I, II, or III).