What is the difference between English literature and American literature?

What is the difference between English literature and American literature?

English literature is written in British English while American literature is written in American English. American literature is often known as a much more realistic in portraying characters while English literature is known for its wit and portrayal of theme in plots and characterization.

What is American literature in high school?

High School American Literature: Poetry The topics included: amusing poetry, Native American poetry, early American poetry, poetry that tells a story, African-American poetry. We read short selections of poems then tried our hands at writing some poetry in that style.

In what ways does the adventures of Tom Sawyer represent the American novel?

Published first in 1876 in the wake of the violently turbulent American Civil War, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer chronicles the mischievous adventures of a clever boy living on the bank of the Mississippi River. Tom Sawyer’s streak of harmless trickery leads him to humorous scenarios and shapes this coming of age tale.

Is Tom Sawyer a classic?

Mark Twain’s classic The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has been enjoyed by generations of readers across the world since its publication in 1876. Tom Sawyer, a mischievous boy growing up in the fictional town of St. Petersburg, Missouri, is constantly getting in and out of trouble with his friend Huckleberry Finn.

Who did Mark Twain inspire?

The writer found constant inspiration from his hometown of Hannibal and the people he met along the way. Hannibal, Missouri made Mark Twain, and, in turn, Twain made Hannibal famous. Few American authors are as closely intertwined — and influenced — by their hometowns as Twain.

What author has the most significant influence on American literary history?

A hundred years after his death, the writings of Samuel Clemens — better known as Mark Twain — continue to influence American culture and literature.