What is the first step you should take when you respond to a fire emergency?

What is the first step you should take when you respond to a fire emergency?

Raise the alarm

  • If safe to do so ensure the immediate safety of anyone within the vicinity of the fire.
  • Raise the alarm if not already sounding, using a break glass alarm panel or by shouting ‘Fire, Fire, Fire’ if a panel is not available.
  • Phone Security (call 2222).
  • Evacuate the immediate area.

What are 3 important drills practiced in schools?

Many schools already conduct a variety of these drills (e.g., lockdown, fire, evacuation, reverse evacuation, duck-cover-hold, and shelter-in-place) with students and staff, which allow them to practice the steps they should take in emergency situations.

How do you react to a school fire alarm?

What To Do In Case Of Fire In School

  1. Sound The Alarm. Anyone discovering an outbreak of fire must, without hesitation, sound the alarm by operating the nearest fire alarm call point.
  2. Call The Fire Service.
  3. Evacuate.
  4. Assemble.
  5. Roll Call.

How many bells do you need for a fire drill?

In the event of a Fire or Fire Drill do the following: The school signal to EVACUATE shall be a series of bells, (3) three short rings, followed by a (2) two-second pause (repeated several times).

What do you do in a school fire drill?

Remain calm and quiet so that you can hear your teacher’s instructions. Exit the building as quickly as possible in an orderly and safe way (do not run, push or bump into other students). Line up outside in your designated area and remain quiet so that your teacher can take attendance.

What is the first thing you should do when you hear a fire alarm?

What to do if you hear the fire alarm

  • Evacuate the building immediately see university policy
  • Follow the directions of the Fire Wardens for your building.
  • Notify other occupants to leave the building.
  • Close all doors behind you if it is safe to do so.
  • Do not use any elevators.

What happens if a school catches on fire?

If a university burns down or is destroyed otherwise, all current students immediately graduate with a bachelor’s degree. A student who gets hit by a campus shuttle bus will receive free tuition.

How many fire drills are required by law each year?

one fire drill

How many fire drills are required by law in schools?

California Education Code, Sections . This section mandates each school site with 2 or more classrooms and 50 or more students to have a fire alarm system. The Code requires monthly fire drills for elementary and intermediate-level students, and twice-yearly fire drills for secondary students.

What does the fire inspector look for?

Fire safety inspectors evaluate several areas: They determine ways that fires could start within the building. Inspectors check the safety systems in place, such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems. They make sure these systems are regularly maintained and kept in good working order.

How do I prepare for a fire inspection?

Preparing for fire code inspections: The inside

  1. Be sure that all exit doors can easily be opened by ONE person.
  2. Keep all aisles, walkways, stairways and paths leading to exits clear of debris and obstructions.
  3. Be certain your emergency lights and exits signs work properly in both normal and emergency power modes.

What are the common indicators that an emergency exists?

Terms in this set (12)

  • Sudden Illness and Injury.
  • Unusual Noises.
  • Barriers to Action.
  • bystanders causing problems, feeling embarrassed, uncertainty about victim, don’t walk away if someone is already helping.
  • Check, Call, Care.
  • To make sure that it is safe and you’re not putting the victim in any sort of immediate danger.

What are the 4 race procedure in a fire?

Here are the four steps involved in a RACE evacuation plan:

  • Step 1: Remove. The very first step of your emergency evacuation plan is ensuring all people inside the premises are taken to safety.
  • Step 2: Alert/Alarm.
  • Step 3: Confine/Contain.
  • Step 4: Extinguish/Evacuate.

What are the 10 items in a first aid kit?

Top 10 First Aid Kit Items

  • Gloves/Eye Protection.
  • CPR Pocket Mask.
  • Tourniquet.
  • Roller Gauze.
  • 4×4 Gauze Pads.
  • Medical Tape.
  • Two Triangular Bandages.
  • Sam Splint.