What is the inside back cover of a book called?

What is the inside back cover of a book called?

On the inside of the back cover page, extending from the facing page before it, is the endpaper. Its design matches the front endpaper and, in accordance with it, contains either plain paper or pattern, image etc.

What are the bumps on the spine of a book called?

Hubs are the bands placed on the spine. These bands are placed horizontally and stand out from the rest of the spine. They are constructed by fixing an extra layer of cardboard on particular parts of the spine to make those parts, or bands stand out. These little bumps can make a book look distinguished.

What is a spine cover?

The back portion of a book’s binding which is visible when a book is shelved in a bookcase; the portion which is attached at the joints to the front and rear covers.

What is colored flyleaf?

Flyleaf: The flyleaf is the loose part of the endsheet (see above). It is not glued to the cover. Because a flyleaf is part of an endsheet, it can also be colored or have something printed on it.

What is book spine?

Is the spine is the cover of the book?

What are the 5 parts of a book?

These five components are: the characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict, and the resolution. These essential elements keep the story running smoothly and allow the action to develop in a logical way that the reader can follow.

How big is a book spine?

The spine size for a paperback book will need to be over 3mm. The spine size for a hardback book will need to be over 9mm.

Is spine part of a book?

The outer portion of a book which covers the actual binding. The spine usually faces outward when a book is placed on a shelf. Also known as the back.

What is a spine on a book cover?

This glued edge becomes the book’s spine. Your book’s spine is one of the basic parts of a book that can be tricky to design correctly. Even though your book cover has three distinct parts (the front cover, the spine, and the back cover) you need to design the cover as a single, complete file.

What is an leather bookbinding spine?

Leather Bookbinding Spine Spine (textblock spine) – The spine is where the signatures and textblock are bound. Usually the spine will contain important book information so it can be easily found when up on the shelf in book stores or libraries, information might include the book’s title, name of author and publishers name or logo.

Does bleeding affect the spine width of a book cover?

But for most covers, the spine width will vary based on your page count. So you have to create a spine to size based on your book—and here lies the most challenging part of cover design. You see, the spine itself isn’t really impacted by bleed, but its position on the cover is.

How do you style a spin on a book cover?

If your spin has unique colors or designs, include them for at least ½ inch on the front and backside. That means creating your uniquely colored spine as a ‘band’ that runs onto the front and back cover. Linen-wrapped hardcover books are often created in just this way. Looks ugly, I know, but you can of course style your cover to look great.