What is the meaning of the phrase on radar?

What is the meaning of the phrase on radar?

: being something someone is at all considering or thinking about A career in politics wasn’t even on my radar (screen) at that point.

What does going under the radar mean?

Definition of under the radar : not getting attention : unnoticed He tried to stay under the radar as he went about his business.

What is another word for under the radar?

What is another word for under the radar?

without attracting notice clandestinely
covertly disregarded
inconspicuous inconspicuously
secretively secretly
stealthily undetected

Is it in my radar or on my radar?

If something is on someone’s radar, they are aware of it or are intending to deal with it. I was never focussed on being an actress. It wasn’t even on my radar.

What is an under the radar girl?

: not prominent, widely noticed, or well-known … the contemporary below-the-radar hip-hop scene in South-central Los Angeles. — Publishers Weekly, 3 Apr. 2000 Gershon plays the leader of a below-the-radar girl group …—

Why is it called under the radar?

Due to interference with radio waves by the ground, planes that flew low could not be detected by radar. So those planes that could not be detected were said to have flown under the radar. This expression was used in telling tales of the fighter jets used during the war.

Is it under the radar or off the radar?

Off the radar refers to something unimportant or unnoticed. Under the radar and below the radar usually describe something that has failed to draw attention, often intentionally. For instance, many companies attempt to influence politicians out of the public eye; they work under the radar or below the radar.

What is a word for not well known?

What is another word for not well-known?

off the beaten path unusual
off the beaten track unconventional
irregular nonconformist
unwonted abnormal
revolutionary bizarre

Will keep this on my radar?

What’s another way to say on the radar?

Is it possible to fly under the radar?

In many cases, yes you can fly under the radar because typical civilian radar is line of sight, meaning that it has to have a straight unobstructed path to an object in order to “see” it. This is because it works by sending a radar signal out and waiting for it to reflect off of something.

What does under the radar girl mean?

What are the radar bands?

Following table-1 mentiona in general radar bands and peak power transmitted in each of these bands. Following table-2 mentions all the Radar bands with their respective frequency range, wavelength and applications. Used by meteorologists to detect clouds, used by police to detect motorists with high speed.

How can I get this issue on the radar of mainstream America?

If you want this issue to be on the radar of mainstream America, you have to frame it as something that will hit people in their wallets. There are always going to be bands who suddenly appear on the radar screen, only to fade into obscurity just as quickly. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved.

What does it mean to be on people’s radar?

Considered by one as important or noteworthy; within the spectrum of one’s awareness, attention, or consideration. If you want this issue on people’s radar, you have to frame it as something that will impact their wallets.

What is X band police radar?

This is the oldest type of licensed police radar frequency, and is not widely used anymore. It does still exist, so we don’t recommend turning off X band in your settings – it is mostly found in rural areas, or in areas where police departments did not have adequate funding to upgrade to more modern radar guns.