What is the new driving law in New Jersey?

What is the new driving law in New Jersey?

The aim of a new law that took effect Tuesday is to make New Jersey roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. The Safe Passing Law requires drivers to move over one lane to pass pedestrians and bicyclists, or give at least 4 feet of space.

How much can you go over the speed limit in NJ?

New Jersey Speeding & Motor Vehicle Points In New Jersey, if you are driving in excess of 1-14 mph over the speed limit, it is a 2 point ticket. If you are driving 15-29 mph over the limit, it is a 4 point ticket. If you are driving 30 mph or more over the speed limit, it is a 5 point speeding violation.

What are 2 laws that you must obey on the NJ roadway?

Always obey posted speed limits. Never stop your car on a crosswalk or otherwise block it. Improve visibility while driving by keeping windshields, windows and mirrors clean. Always remain alert.

Is eating while driving illegal in New Jersey?

There’s no law that says you can’t eat while driving in this state. But even legal distractions (like eating or adjusting the radio) can significantly increase your risk of being in an accident or driving erratically, so it’s better to avoid as many distractions as possible.

How many passengers can be in a car with a 18 year old driver in NJ?

Supervised driving: Only one additional passenger is allowed unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What is a no zone?

Areas where trucks can’t see around the rig and trailer are called “No-Zones”. Drivers who share the roadway with trucks must be aware of these “No-Zones” to stay safe.

How many points is 20 miles over the speed limit in NJ?

Fines and Other Penalties For speeding, the following points will be added to your record: For exceeding speed limit by 1-14 miles per hour – 2 NJ DMV points. For exceeding speed limit by 15-29 miles per hour – 4NJ DMV points. For exceeding speed limit by over 30 miles per hour or more – 5 NJ DMV points.

Does 2 points affect your insurance in NJ?

The 2 point reduction defensive driving course can also help reduce your NJ car insurance rate. The NJ mandatory law states upon completion of the 6 hour NJ defensive driving course, drivers are eligible to receive up to 10% reduction on their car insurance for 3 years.

Is it illegal to park on side of road in NJ?

The operator of a vehicle shall not stop, stand or park the vehicle in a roadway other than parallel with the edge of the roadway headed in the direction of traffic, on the right-hand side of the road and with the curb side of the vehicle within six inches of the edge of the roadway, except as follows: a.

What is the NJ safe passing law?

The Safe Passing Law requires drivers to use “due caution” whenever they see vulnerable people on the road. The law states that: Drivers must follow all current no-passing, no speeding laws AND move over a lane if there’s one to move into.

Is it illegal to FaceTime while driving in NJ?

It’s illegal in New Jersey to put your smartphone to your ear and take a call while driving, but conduct the call through FaceTime or a similar video-chat program, and you could be in the clear.

Is it illegal to text at a red light in NJ?

Currently, drivers in New Jersey can text or hold a phone during a call while in traffic or at a red light, although it’s discouraged by officials. Using handheld devices or texting while driving has been illegal since 2008.