What is the Old Bailey in a tale of two cities?

What is the Old Bailey in a tale of two cities?

Hover for more information. To this day the Old Bailey (located on Bailey Street in London) is the site of two famous courts. Court One has been the scene of the trials of many infamous criminals; Court Two is a high-security court where terrorist trials and such take place.

What does the fire symbolize in a tale of two cities?

Charles Dickens uses fire to show the anger and frustration felt by the French peasantry. But if the motif is analyzed more in depth, it can be seen that fire is also used to represent replacement and rebirth.

What does Mr Cruncher think is barbarous?

Cruncher think is “barbarous”? Do you agree or disagree? Why? He thinks quartering is barbarous.

What does Lucie’s hair symbolize?

Lucie’s hair, golden and silken, reminds her poor father of his wife. The father is “saved” by her when he recognizes this hair and begins to return to the memory of his former life.

Why does Barsad help carton?

He left her destitute. He testified against Darnay at the first trial. List the three “cards” Carton holds which will force Barsad to help him with his plan to free Darnay. Carton can prove Cly is a spy and Barsad is associated with Cly.

What does the wine symbolize in a tale of two cities?

In Charles Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities, the wine serves as a symbolic image of blood and violence, foreshadowing the brutal acts of the revolutionaries. Throughout the novel, Dickens establishes a parallel between wine and blood, the imagery of both illustrating the revolutionaries’ violent nature.

What does the grindstone symbolize in tale of two cities?

Grindstone: The grindstone, used to sharpen weapons, symbolizes the growing maniacal blood thirst of the revolutionaries. As they sharpen their blood-soaked weapons, they become oppressors, just like those they fight against.

What does water symbolize in a tale of two cities?

In A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens develops the symbol of water to represent the frustration of the French people. Dickens also uses water to represent how the French people feel towards their situation.

Why should I read a tale of two cities?

You will feel sorrow, amusement, outrage and sympathy. If your heart is capable of responding to the written word, go read A Tale of Two Cities. In my opinion, this is the best plotted of Dickens’ novels. It has intrigue, surprises, sudden reversals of fortune and sudden recoveries from near-certain doom.

Who are the Jacques in a tale of two cities?

Jacques One, Two, Three, and Four Members of the Jacquerie, the revolutionaries who organize and implement the French Revolution. The name comes from the nickname for peasants.

Who kills Madame Defarge?

Miss Pross

Who is the golden thread and what does the golden thread stand for?

The Golden Thread” refers to Lucie’s hair, “the golden thread that bound them all together”. There is yet a larger symbol at play here. It also represents hope and new life after the terror of the French Revolution. Lucy’s golden hair juxtaposed against the matted hair of the evil Madame Defarge.

How does the tale of two cities end?

At the end of the novel, Sydney Carton is executed at the guillotine along with many other French prisoners. Although Carton does not make a farewell speech, Dickens ends the novel with imagining what he might have said.