What is the order of the Transformers cartoons?

What is the order of the Transformers cartoons?

Every Transformers TV Show In Chronological Order (Including Anime)

  • 40 1986 – Transformers: Scramble City.
  • 41 1986 – GoBots: Battle Of The Rock Lords.
  • 42 1984-1987 – The Transformers.
  • 43 1984-1985 – Challenge Of The GoBots.
  • 44 1984-1986 – The GoBots Universe.
  • 45 1984-1993 – Transformers: Generation 1.

What is the longest Transformers show?

Rescue Bots
The “Aligned” series (2010-2020) Prime: Put the live-action movies and Animated in a blender… Rescue Bots: The longest-running Transformers cartoon.

Why did Transformers end after rebirth?

The 1st and 2nd series Autobots and Decepticons were axed because they were no longer being offered in stores…that’s what the show was made to do. If Optimus hadn’t been killed in the movie they’d still have to find a way to write his character out in favor of new toys.

What is the best and worst Cartoon Cartoons?

Barney and Friends

  • Caillou (Classic)
  • Hip Hop Harry
  • Ren&Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon (Ren and Stimpy WORST adult spinoff)
  • The Problem Solverz
  • The Nutshack
  • Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
  • Mike the Knight
  • Tree Fu Tom
  • Out of Jimmy’s Head
  • Who are all the characters on Transformers?

    Optimus Prime and a Dinobot in a still from Transformers: Age of Extinction. The fourth instalment in the Transformers series took more money at the Chinese box office than in the US.

    Where to watch Transformers cartoons?

    Release Date 2009

  • MPAA Rating PG-13
  • Runtime 2 hr 29 min
  • Language English
  • IMDB Rating 6.0 (392,953)
  • Metascore 35
  • What are all the bad Transformers name?

    Override – The leader of Velocitron.

  • Brakedown – The oldest living inhabitant of Velocitron.
  • Clocker – An inhabitant of Velocitron that is often seen with Brakedown.
  • Crumplezone – An inhabitant of Velocitron who was recruited by Megatron.
  • Dirt Boss – An inhabitant of Velocitron who temporarily sided with the Decepticons.