What is the output of Precompilation process?

What is the output of Precompilation process?

The major output from the Db2 precompiler is a database request module (DBRM). However, the Db2 precompiler also produces modified source statements, a list of source statements, a list of statements that refer to host names and columns, and diagnostics.

How DB2 program compile and run in COBOL?

Steps for executing COBOL DB2 program

  1. Step1: Create all these necessary tables.
  2. Step2: Create DCLGEN(optional)
  3. Step3: Precompile.
  4. Step4: Compile and Link Edit.
  5. Step5: DB2 BIND.
  6. Step6: Execute/Run the Program.

How do I create a DB2 table in COBOL?

In a COBOL program, code the DECLARE TABLE statement in the WORKING-STORAGE SECTION or LINKAGE SECTION within the DATA DIVISION….Procedure

  1. DCLGEN (declarations generator)
  2. Generating table and view declarations by using DCLGEN.
  3. Including declarations from DCLGEN in your program.

Why BIND is used in DB2?

In the bind process, the SQL statements in the DBRM are put into an operational (“bound”) form, by being translated into the control structures that DB2 uses when it runs SQL statements.

What is DB2 precompilation in DB2?

DB2 Database Big Data Analytics Precompilation is the process through which the SQL statements used in the COBOL-DB2 program are replaced by appropriate COBOL calls. The precompilation is necessary before the actual compilation because the COBOL compiler cannot recognize the DB2 SQL statements and will throw errors due to them.

What is COBOL DB2 compilation process?

COBOL DB2 Compilation Process ( DB2 precompilation process ). DB2 precompilation process is an important step to prepare a COBOL DB2 program for execution. COBOL DB2 program includes the SQL statement and these SQL statements cannot be processed by host language compilers.

How does DB2 coprocessor handle embedded SQL statements?

When you use DB2 coprocessor the compiler automatically handles your source code that contains embedded SQL statements. You don’t require a separate pre-compiled step.

What is DB2 bind process?

Database request module (DBRM) are bind into the package or directly into an application plan. The DB2 bind process converts the SQL statement into an executable runtime instruction. Note: DB2 Bind process performs three important functions. First, it verifies that you are authorized to do a bind.