What is the promise of the DASH diet?

What is the promise of the DASH diet?

The DASH diet plan was developed to help people lower their blood pressure without medication. Initial research showed that the DASH diet could effectively lower blood pressure, even with a sodium intake of 3300mg/day (for reference, most people should consume less than 2300mg/day).

What do doctors say about the DASH diet?

Your doctor may recommend the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet to lower your blood pressure and your LDL (bad cholesterol). The DASH diet promotes a balanced diet and portion control.

What are the phases of the DASH diet?

The DASH diet is split into two phases. Phase 1 lasts two weeks and is designed to reset your metabolism. Phase 2 can then be used as a long-term healthy eating plan. The first two-week phase is designed to reset and boost your metabolism.

Is the DASH diet evidence based?

Numerous studies show wide-ranging health benefits of the DASH diet. A consistent body of research has found that DASH lowers blood pressure in people with high blood pressure but also normal blood pressure even without lowering sodium intake.

Can you have popcorn on the DASH diet?

Make some meals vegetarian. Add more vegetables and dry beans to your diet. Instead of snacking on chips or sweets, eat unsalted pretzels or nuts, raisins, low-fat and fat-free yogurt, frozen yogurt, unsalted plain popcorn with no butter, and raw vegetables. Read food labels to choose products that are lower in sodium.

How does DASH diet lower BP?

The DASH diet reduces high blood pressure by lowering the amount of sodium in your diet to 2300 milligrams (mg) a day. Lowering sodium to 1500 mg a day reduces blood pressure even more.

What is not allowed on the DASH diet?

Foods and drinks to avoid when following the DASH diet include high sugar, high fat snacks, and foods high in salt such as: Candy. Cookies. Chips.

Can you have potatoes on the DASH diet?

“The DASH diet includes potatoes because they are high in potassium and low in sodium and fat,” the editorial authors write. “Evidence from the DASH trials suggests that potatoes can be included as part of this overall dietary pattern and that this is effective in preventing and controlling hypertension.”

Can you drink coffee on the DASH diet?

On the DASH diet, you should drink alcohol sparingly and not exceed official guidelines — 2 or fewer drinks per day for men and 1 or fewer for women. You can drink coffee and alcohol in moderation on the DASH diet.

What is the best exercise for high blood pressure?

The 6 best exercises to control high blood pressure

  1. Ten minutes of brisk or moderate walking three times a day.
  2. Thirty minutes a day of biking or stationary cycling, or three 10-minute blocks of cycling.
  3. Hiking.
  4. Desk treadmilling or pedal pushing.
  5. Weight training.
  6. Swimming.

Can you eat chocolate on the DASH diet?

While enjoying your 30 calories of dark chocolate (for more flavonoids, choose dark chocolate that contains at least 70 per cent cocoa solids), follow this DASH diet advice. Eat fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy and legumes, which are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and total fat. Limit sodium.

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