What is the real meaning of instigator?

What is the real meaning of instigator?

noun. a person or thing that provokes or incites an action or course:Peaceful protesters outnumbered the violent instigators, and they kept the demonstration from becoming a riot.

What are some synonyms for instigator?

Instigator is most commonly used in a negative way to refer to a person who provokes other people or incites trouble—often by instigating arguments or encouraging dangerous actions. Synonyms include agitator, antagonizer, provocateur, troublemaker, incendiary, and firebrand.

What does stirrer mean?

a person who deliberately causes trouble
stirrer. / (ˈstɜːrə) / noun. a person or thing that stirs. informal a person who deliberately causes trouble.

How do you use the word instigator in a sentence?

Instigator sentence example

  1. Again Cesare was suspected as the instigator of the deed, and in fact he almost admitted it himself.
  2. She stopped, realizing she had been the instigator of this.

What does it mean to instigate a situation?

to cause an event or situation to happen by making a set of actions or a formal process begin: The government will instigate new measures to combat terrorism.

Is instigate a bad word?

Instigate is usually (but not always) a negative word used to describe a sinister action intended to provoke or generate a negative outcome. Instigate can also be a positive word when used to describe an attempt to create positive change in behavior or policy.

How do you deal with instigators?

Here are eight ways to handle instigators in your PSAP:

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Assess the behavior.
  3. As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” Watch the behavior and listen to the language of your coworkers.
  4. Take effective action.
  5. Don’t let the problem fester.
  6. Safeguard your reputation.
  7. Don’t sink to their level.

What is another word for stirrer?

shaker, agitator, troublemaker.

Why is there a stirrer in a calorimeter?

Stirrer is used in a calorimeter to ensure proper mixing of the contents of the calorimeter. This will help in correct measurement of temperature, and thus the involved heat exchange calculated will have less error.

How do you use misnomer in a sentence?

Misnomer sentence example

  1. The name was a misnomer , as it barely touched the Assiniboine river.
  2. The oysters from the beds on the west coast of Schleswig are widely known under the misnomer of “Holstein natives.”

How do you use worthy in a sentence?

Worthy sentence example

  1. Some of the arrangements are worthy of notice.
  2. It was for a worthy cause, and I don’t regret what I’ve done, he said.
  3. I know I am not worthy of her, I know it’s impossible to speak of it now.
  4. She was a smartass worthy of any of his brothers, and yet, no human deserved this.