What is the relationship between Maria and Malvolio?

What is the relationship between Maria and Malvolio?

Olivia respects Malvolio as her servant but is critical of how he is with others. Maria describes Malvolio as a man who thinks far too much of himself and how important he is. Malvolio’s strange behaviour in the play is very out of character and Olivia wants him to be normal again.

Why was Malvolio imprisoned?

When Malvolio is imprisoned for being a supposed lunatic after acting out the instructions in the letter, Feste visits him both as himself and in the disguise of “Sir Topas the curate”, and proceeds to torment Malvolio by refusing to think him sane no matter what he says.

What does Olivia comment about Malvolio?

The language Malvolio uses here reflects his personality – he is well-spoken, but pompous – and displays how he sees himself as being above others; in Act I Scene V, Olivia even makes the comment that Malvolio is “sick of self- love” [1.5. 86].

Is Malvolio Olivia’s servant?

Malvolio is the steward (chief of staff) of a wealthy lady, Olivia. She has a large household with a score of servants, frequent guests, a jester, and a live-in uncle, Sir Toby Belch. Malvolio appears in most scenes and is characterised throughout as a puritanical, fun-spoiling, pompous, humourless man.

What happens to Malvolio at the end of Twelfth Night?

Malvolio’s end is similarly unsatisfactory as he becomes enraged at having been tricked with forged love letters, and he storms off the stage, vowing to get revenge. His ending complicates what is otherwise supposed to be a joyful conclusion.

What does Maria tell Malvolio in the letter?

The letter orders him to wear yellow stockings, “go cross-gartered” (that is, to wear the straps of his stockings crossed around his knees), be sharp-tempered with Sir Toby, be rude to the servants, behave strangely, and smile all the time.

What does Malvolio symbolize?

The Darkness of Malvolio’s Prison Darkness becomes a symbol of his supposed insanity, as they tell him that the room is filled with light and his inability to see is a sign of his madness. Malvolio reverses the symbolism.

What is the significance of the character of Malvolio in Twelfth Night?

Malvolio’s characterization is central to the plot, because his personality is what makes the trick work. Throughout the play, Malvolio’s lines characterize him as a very stern person who hates anything he perceives as silly or frivolous. They explain why his plot arc works and contribute to the humor of the trick.

What kind of love does Malvolio demonstrate?

Malvolio demonstrates vain self-love. Sebastion love Antonio like a friend and his sister like family.

Why is Malvolio the antagonist?

Malvolio. The “ill-willed” Malvolio, who rains on everybody’s parade, is definitely the villain of our play. He’s haughty and likes to tattle on everybody. He also somehow manages to imprison the sea captain, who is holding Viola’s “maiden weeds” (her dress).

What is Maria role in Twelfth Night?

Maria is a fictional character in the play Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. She is a servant in Olivia’s household. Maria is shown to have a friendly relationship with Sir Toby Belch, and exhibits a witty attitude.

What is the role of Malvolio?

Malvolio is Olivia’s steward and his job is to manage Olivia’s house; he is her chief servant. It’s a very responsible job that he takes very seriously. He enjoys telling people what to do. During the course of the play Malvolio can be seen in many different lights.