What is the setting of Magnifico?

What is the setting of Magnifico?

Plot. In a Philippine village outside the island of Luzon, one special boy changes the lives of everyone he meets. Known to all as Magnifico, his nickname is Ikoy, a child of an impoverished family.

When was Magnifico filmed?

Magnifico is a 2003 FAMAS Award-winning drama film directed by Maryo J. De los Reyes, written by Michiko Yamamoto, and starring Jiro Manio, Danilo Barrios, Cherry Pie Picache, Amy Austria and Albert Martinez.

What important idea or theme does the Magnifico movie convey?

Finally, another quality Filipino movie Simply put, Magnifico is a movie worth watching. It is movie that is not just heartwarming but a shining proof that it is never too late for Philippine cinema to reform. The plot is excellent and the theme, centered on innate human goodness, is timeless.

What is the plot of Magnifico?

A boy (Jiro Manio) builds a coffin for his terminally ill grandmother, while raising money to buy a wheelchair for his sister.Magnifico / Film synopsis

What kind of movie is Magnifico?

DramaMagnifico / Genre

Where can I watch Magnifico movie?

Currently you are able to watch “Magnifico” streaming on iflix.

How old is Magnifico in the movie?

When he learns that his sister has cerebral palsy, his brother has lost his school scholarship and his grandmother has cancer, 9-year-old Magnifico takes it upon himself to lift his family out of misery.

Why did Michiko Yamamoto wrote Magnifico?

She said the Magnifico script was inspired by a personal experience she had with her late grandmother. In 2006, she wrote the screenplay for the gay-themed drama film The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, which was directed by Auraeus Solito in his feature film directorial debut.

What is the genre of Magnifico?

What are some of the awarding bodies that give awards to the film Magnifico?

Magnifico also won seven of the major FAMAS awards that year (Best Film, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Child Actor, Child Actress, Director, and Story) and another seven awards from the Gawad Urian including Best Film (tied with Ang Babae sa Breakwater by Mario O’ Hara), Direction, Actor, Supporting Actor.

Who is Edna in Magnifico?

Lorna Tolentino
Magnifico (2003) – Lorna Tolentino as Edna – IMDb.

Who produced Magnifico?

Violett Films ProductionMagnifico / Production company