What is the treatment for convergence insufficiency?

What is the treatment for convergence insufficiency?

Convergence insufficiency can be treated with a type of vision therapy called convergence exercises. This often includes working with a specialist to practice focusing on objects at different distances. You can also do exercises at home. Sometimes a special type of glasses called prism glasses can be used in treatment.

What is the treatment for convergence excess?

For convergence excess, the goal of vision therapy is to allow the eyes to easily work together. To do this, vision therapy utilizes a combination of prescription glasses and prism to help train the eye muscles. When a prism is placed in front of one eye, it must move in order to maintain focus on a target.

Can convergence insufficiency be treated with surgery?

The preoperative symptoms can be of severity out of proportion to the deviation. Bimedial resection is a most efficacious surgical method for treatment of intractable convergence insufficiency.

What is convergence insufficiency?

Convergence insufficiency is a condition in which your eyes are unable to work together when looking at nearby objects. This condition causes one eye to turn outward instead of inward with the other eye, creating double or blurred vision.

How do you prescribe a prism for convergence insufficiency?

Two Criteria for Determining Prism The formula: Prism needed = 2/3(phoria) – 1/3(compensating fusional vergence). So, if a patient has 6∆ exophoria and base-out (BO) to blur is 6∆, the prism needed would be 2/3(6) – 1/3(6), or 4 – 2. You would prescribe 2∆ base-in (BI), since deviation is exophoria.

How do you do Convergence exercises?

Exercise Steps Hold out a pen at an arm’s length and look at its tip. Slowly bring the tip close to your eyes, keeping the tip at level with your eyes. Then again take it back to an arm’s length and hold it there for 10 seconds. Again slowly bring the tip close to your eyes to the point where you feel some strain.

What does vision therapy consist of?

An optometric vision therapy program consists of supervised in-office and at home reinforcement exercises performed over weeks to months. In addition to exercises, lenses (“training glasses”), prisms, filters, patches, electronic targets, or balance boards may be used.

What is divergence insufficiency?

DIVERGENCE insufficiency refers to a clinically defined acquired disorder of ocular horizontal version, characterized by full-appearing ocular ductions and comitant esotropia at distance. An affected patient experiences double vision when viewing distant objects, but not when viewing objects up close.

Can convergence insufficiency cause headaches?

Convergence insufficiency refers to a common near-vision problem that interferes with your ability to read and work at close distances. As with strabismus, convergence insufficiency can cause chronic headaches.

How is convergence insufficiency treated in adults?

If convergence insufficiency isn’t causing symptoms, you generally don’t need treatment. But for people with symptoms, treatment with eye-focusing exercises can increase the eyes’ convergence ability. Treatment, which can take place in the office with a trained therapist or at your home, might include: Pencil pushups.

How do you prescribe prism for diplopia?

How many prisms are needed for convergence insufficiency?

In general, fusional convergence amplitudes of less than 15 to 20 prism diopters at near are a sign of convergence insufficiency. It is important to measure the exodeviation in all positions of gaze to rule out any eye muscle imbalance that could make the exodeviation greater in downgaze.

How do you treat convergence insufficiency?

– Pencil pushups – In-office exercises – Prism glasses – Computer vision therapy – Surgery

What is the cause of convergence insufficiency?

Symptoms Of Convergence Insufficiency. A person suffering from convergence insufficiency may experience following symptoms especially while he is working closely like reading,writing,working on the computer or desk work

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  • Diagnosis Of Convergence Insufficiency.
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  • What does convergence insufficiency mean?

    What is convergence insufficiency (CI)? Convergence insufficiency (CI) is a condition in which a person’s eyes have a tendency to drift outward when looking at objects at near distances, and their ability to converge (rotate the eyes towards each other) is inadequate.