What is UBS Cash Fund?

What is UBS Cash Fund?

This Fund aims to provide a return (before management costs) equivalent to the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index (Benchmark) when measured over rolling 12 month periods.

Does UBS have its own funds?

UBS Mutual Funds The UBS Funds are managed by the investment management teams of UBS Asset Management (Americas) Inc., who adhere to a consistent and disciplined investment philosophy.

How many assets under management does UBS have?

$2.6 trillion
UBS has $2.6 trillion in assets under management and operates in 50+ countries with 60,000 employess across their business units.

What does UBS Asset Management do?

UBS Asset Management (Americas), Inc. is a full-service asset manager providing investment and subadvisory services to individual investors, financial advisors and institutions in the United States.

Does UBS have self directed?

Resource Management Account® Features If you already have these services in an existing UBS Financial Services account that you plan to convert to this self-directed account do not complete this section and skip to the Sweep of Uninvested Cash Balances section.

Does UBS have a trust company?

Speak with your Financial Advisor about how trusts may fit into your overall wealth management plan. None of UBS Financial Services Inc., UBS Trust Company, N.A. or their respective employees or affiliates provides tax or legal advice.

What’s so special about UBS?

UBS is a leading player in Australia’s equity capital markets with a breadth of experience that allows us to offer first class client execution and unique funding solutions using a wide range of structures. UBS has executed and underwritten more block trades than any other bank in the Australian market.

What bank is UBS?

UBS is a Swiss investment bank with global operations. It was formed as a merger between Union Bank of Switzerland and Swiss Bank Corp. The main divisions of UBS include investment & retail banking and asset & wealth management.

Who owns UBS financial?

On 26 May 2020, BlackRock Inc., New York, disclosed under the Swiss Stock Exchange Act a holding of 4,70% of the total share capital of UBS Group AG. On 24 July 2019, Norges Bank, Oslo, disclosed under the Swiss Stock Exchange Act a holding of 3,01% of the total share capital of UBS Group AG.

How much does UBS charge to manage an account?

Fees Under UBS Wealth Management For most UBS investment programs, the maximum annual fee is 2.50% of assets under management. This maximum rate applies to both the UBS Managed Portfolio Program and to UBS non-discretionary programs. Other programs may have higher or lower annual rates, however.