What is Zhytomyr famous for?

What is Zhytomyr famous for?

Today, Zhytomyr is known as the hometown of many outstanding scientists and artists. One man in particular, the founder of practical cosmonautics and the designer of the first space rocket, Sergey Koroliov, was born here. The unique Museum of Cosmonautics in Zhytomyr is named after him.

Where is Zhitomir Russia?

Zhytomyr (Ukrainian: Жито́мир, romanized: Zhytomyr [ʒɪˈtɔmɪr]; Russian: Жито́мир, romanized: Zhitomir [ʐɨˈtomʲɪr]; Polish: Żytomierz; Yiddish: זשיטאָמיר, romanized: Zshitomir) is a city in the north of the western half of Ukraine.

Where is Berdichev?

northwestern Ukraine
Berdychiv, Russian Berdichev, city, northwestern Ukraine.

Where in Ukraine is Zhitomir?

Zhytomyr, Zhitomir, Zhitomir) is a city in Central Ukraine. The administrative center of the Zhytomyr region and Zhitomir district. It’s in northern Ukraine, 150 km west of Kyiv centre.

How do you pronounce Berdichev?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Berdichev. Bal-later. berdichev. ber-dee-chef. Ber-di-chev.
  2. Meanings for Berdichev. It is a historic city located in Ukraine and it has many interesting tourist attractions for the tourist to enjoy.
  3. Translations of Berdichev. Chinese : 会发生 Arabic : بيرديشيف Russian : Бердичев

Which religion is followed in Ukraine?

Eastern Orthodoxy
Religion. The predominant religion in Ukraine, practiced by almost half the population, is Eastern Orthodoxy. Historically, most adherents belonged to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church–Kyiv Patriarchate, though the Ukrainian Orthodox Church–Moscow Patriarchate was important as well.

How do you pronounce Chernihiv?

Chernihiv is a city in northern Ukraine. The correct pronunciation of Chernihiv is cher-nee-hu.

How many oblasts are in Ukraine?

twenty-four oblasts
Ukraine is subdivided into twenty-four oblasts (provinces) and one autonomous republic, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. There are two cities with special status: Kiev and Sevastopol. For a list of Ukraine’s oblasts see below.