What made Quincy Jones so great?

What made Quincy Jones so great?

Quincy Jones has had a prolific career that spans 70 years and includes significant achievements in multiple artistic mediums, such as becoming one of the first African Americans to hold a top executive position at a major American record label, producing Michael Jackson’s all-time best-selling album Thriller (1982).

What did Quincy Jones say about paul mccartney?

“They were the worst musicians in the world,” he said on The Beatles in 2018 to the New Yorker. “They were no-playing motherfuckers. Paul was the worst bass player I ever heard.

How did Quincy Jones learn to read music?

Jones was introduced to music by his mother, who always sang religious songs, and next-door neighbor Lucy Jackson. When Jones was five or six, Jackson played stride piano next door, and he would listen through the walls. Jackson recalled that after he heard her one day, she could not get him off her piano.

Who gave Quincy Jones his pinky ring?

There’s a small scar from when he, as a youngster in 1930s Chicago, accidently wandered into a gang’s territory. “They nailed my hand to a fence with a switchblade, man,” he says. Jones points to a ring on his right pinkie left to him by Frank Sinatra, bearing the singer’s family crest.

What is the meaning of Quincy?

estate of the fifth son
Meaning:estate of the fifth son. Quincy as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Quincy), is pronounced KWIN-see. It is of Old French origin, and the meaning of Quincy is “estate of the fifth son”.

What does some of Quincy Jones best known work include?

Quincy Jones: 20 Great Productions

  • Ray Charles, “The Ray” (1957)
  • Little Richard, ‘The King of the Gospel Singers’ (1962)
  • Dizzy Gillespie, ‘New Wave’ (1963)
  • Lesley Gore, “It’s My Party” (1963)
  • Lesley Gore, “You Don’t Own Me” (1964)
  • Aretha Franklin, ‘Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky)’ (1973)

Which Beatle had the most talent?

In my opinion I’d have to say Paul, cause he was the one that wrote not only most of their hits but also had the most intricate instrumentals, so if we’re going off of actual songwriting, Paul.

Who is paul McCartney’s favorite bass player?

James Jamerson
Asked “Who was the biggest influence upon your bass playing?,” McCartney responded, “The biggest influence on my bass playing was James Jamerson, who played on many of my favourite Motown releases.”

Who did Quincy Jones discover?

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin played “Fly Me to the Moon,” sung by Sinatra and arranged by Jones, making it the first music on the moon. Jones “discovered” Chicago TV host Oprah Winfrey and convinced director Steven Spielberg to give her a role in his 1985 movie The Color Purple.

What are Quincy Jones accomplishments?

Jones has 80 Grammy Award nominations and 28 wins, including a Grammy Legend Award. He has seven Oscar nominations and received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. He also has received four Emmy nominations, winning one. Has scored over 30 movies and written the theme for television shows, documentaries and shorts.

How many languages can Quincy Jones speak?

Jones said he speaks 26 different languages.

What is the origin of Quincy?

Quincy as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Quincy), is pronounced KWIN-see. It is of Old French origin, and the meaning of Quincy is “estate of the fifth son”. Place name: Quincy, Massuachussets is a suburb of Boston.