What materials can be used to hold a mousetrap car together?

What materials can be used to hold a mousetrap car together?

Pieces can be glues with wood glue, white glue, super glue, and more. bonus tip: Styrofoam can also be used but you will be limited on the types of glue.

What can you use for wheels on a mousetrap car?

Use thin, light wheels.

  • Old CDs or DVDs work fairly well for this purpose — they’re large, thin, and extremely light.
  • If you have access to old vinyl, these also work extremely well, though they may be too heavy for the smallest mousetraps.

What is holding the axles on a mousetrap car?

An important part of a mousetrap vehicles propulsion system is the axle hook. Learn how to make and attach an axle hook in order to propel a mousetrap racer. A mousetrap powered car is a vehicle that is powered by the energy of a wound-up mouse trap’s spring.

What kind of string do you use for a mousetrap car?

The string has to be strong enough to handle the pulling force but flexible and thin enough to wind tightly around the drive axle. We recommend using a Kevlar based fishing line because its high strength. You should stay away from nylon fishing line and dental floss, these do not work well with mousetrap racers.

Do larger wheels affect ride?

In general, bigger wheels on any type of vehicle make the ride quality stiffer. However, they also improve stability and handling greatly. There are ways to have both smooth ride quality and good stability and handling.

How can you increase the traction of the mousetrap car?

One way to increase the traction of a wheel on smooth surface is to add a rubber traction tread that has more grip than the original wheel alone. Various brands of rubber may have more grip than other brands of rubber so it is always best to experiment.

Should you put slack in your string when you wind it around the axle?

When winding the string around the drive axle make sure NOT to put any slack in the string. The string should be wound tight as it winds around the drive axle or the mousetrap racer may have a jerky motion as the string unwinds.

How does Newton’s laws apply to mousetrap car?

– According to Newton’s third law we think that if we set the car with a force going backward then there will be a foreword force that is equal to the backward force. The experiment proves Newton’s second law because when we added more mass to the car the car went slower.