What mineral attracts deer the most?

What mineral attracts deer the most?

Calcium and Phosphorus are the two most prevalent minerals in antlers, so it makes sense that these two minerals should be included in any supplement you provide. The next most important item is salt. This is mostly because salt is the major attractor for deer.

Do mineral blocks attract deer?

White-tailed deer, like many other hooved mammals, crave salt and other minerals. That’s why many hunters use mineral blocks, licks and other mineral-based attractants as part of their hunting plans, and why so many manufacturers make such products specifically for hunters.

What is the number 1 deer attractant?

With over 800 ratings and boasting a 4.5 out of 5, Sugar Beet Crush from Wildgame Innovations is one of the most popular and best deer attractants you can purchase.

What is the best mineral mix for deer?

One mixture or home recipe of deer minerals we recommend to landowners is a mix of one part Dicalcium Phosphate, 2 parts trace mineral salt (loose), and 1 part loose stock salt. All of these are available to purchase at most local feed and farm supply stores.

Do deer like salt or mineral blocks better?

Deer especially crave salt in the spring and summer when water and other minerals are plentiful, but come fall, they won’t want it as badly. Unlike pure salt licks, mineral blocks can be flavored to attract deer year round.

Will a salt lick attract deer?

All hooved mammals love salt, so licks made only of salt do a fine job of attracting deer. Licks with added flavors, minerals and nutrients can be even better, especially if you find one the deer in your area really love.

When should I put out my deer mineral?

The best time to put out minerals for deer starts in February or March. That’s when whitetails ramp up intake to support antler growth in bucks and fetal growth in does. Salt is also necessary to balance the high water content in lush spring vegetation. However, deer require minerals year-round.

Where do you put deer mineral blocks?

It’s best to put your minerals out near bedding and feeding areas, locations where the deer will find and use it. Keep your mineral site in the same place year after year, because the deer will learn where that spot is and keep using it.

What food can deer not resist?

5 Deer Attractants Bucks Seem Unable Resist

  • Deer Cane Black Magic. Cabela’s. Black Magic by Evolved Habitat has made its mark in the deer attractant category.
  • Apple-Flavored Attractants. Amazon.
  • Orange-Flavored Deer Corn. Orange Corn Company.
  • C’mere Deer. Bass Pro Shops.
  • Tecomate. Amazon.

What attracts deer fast?

Providing a healthy food source through green and growing plants will attract and hold deer for longer periods of time. For attracting deer to your property on a long term basis you need to provide a green and growing food source for as many months out of the year as possible.

What is the best mineral lick for deer?

The same pine stump three months after becoming a salt lick. Many deer biologists recommend granular salt mixes that contain a concentration of 16% calcium and 10% phosphorus, and trace elements including cobalt, copper, iodine, magnesium, manganese, sulfur, and zinc that help growing deer.

When should I put out my deer mineral site?