What movie is Balance of Terror based on?

What movie is Balance of Terror based on?

The Enemy Below
Production. The Star Trek Compendium stated the episode was essentially a science fiction version of the submarine film The Enemy Below, depicting a cat-and-mouse game between the Enterprise as the American destroyer against a Romulan vessel as the U-boat.

How are Vulcans and Romulans different?

In the series, which is set in the 23rd century, the Romulans were speculated as having split from another alien species, the Vulcans, in the distant past. In contrast to the Vulcans, who were presented as peaceful and logic-oriented, the Romulans were depicted as militaristic, having founded an interstellar empire.

Was Romulans the original series?

Romulans first appeared in the Star Trek Original Series episode “Balance of Terror” and have been a mainstay in the lore of Trek ever since. The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise (Spock included) did not know what Romulans looked like, and neither did viewers of the show.

Who played the female Romulan commander in Star Trek?

Joanne Linville
Joanne Linville, who has died aged 93, was an American actor who created a place for herself in the hearts of sci-fi fans by playing the commander of a Romulan vessel and bringing romance into the life of Leonard Nimoy’s usually emotionally detached Spock in Star Trek.

Who coined the term Balance of Terror?

Lester Pearson
The term is usually used for rhetorical purposes, and was probably coined by Lester Pearson in June 1955 at the 10th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter: “the balance of terror has succeeded the balance of power”.

Who is the most popular Star Trek character?

Here are The 20 Best Characters In Star Trek.

  • SPOCK – the original series / kelvin timeline.
  • JAMES T. …
  • JEAN-LUC PICARD – the next generation. …
  • BEN SISKO – deep space nine. …
  • KIRA NERYS – deep space nine. …
  • KHAN – the original series / kelvin timeline. …
  • DATA – the next generation. …

Who is the best Star Trek Captain?

7 Best Star Trek Captains

  • 7 Kathryn Janeway.
  • 6 Jonathan Archer.
  • 5 Jean-Luc Picard.
  • 4 Nog.
  • 3 Christopher Pike.
  • 2 Benjamin Sisko.
  • 1 James T. Kirk.

Did Spock and the Romulan commander have a child?

According to Forgotten Trek, originally, Saavik was to have been a child of Spock and the Romulan commander from “The Enterprise Incident” from Star Trek: The Original Series. The commander was to have been artificially inseminated and then, after the birth of Saavik, sent her to live on Vulcan.

Is actress Joanne Linville related to Larry Linville?

She was the daughter of Mary (Lee) and Joe H. Linville. No relation to Larry Linville.