What movie is Uprising by Muse from?

What movie is Uprising by Muse from?

Live at Rome Olympic StadiumUprising / MovieLive at Rome Olympic Stadium is a live album and video by English rock band Muse, which was released on 29 November 2013 in CD/DVD formats. On 5 November 2013, the film received theatrical screenings in 20 cities worldwide, and the next day it was screened for one night only in 40 other territories. Wikipedia

Who wrote uprising?

Matt BellamyUprising / ComposerMatthew James Bellamy is an English singer, musician, and songwriter. He is primarily known as the lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist, and primary songwriter for English rock band Muse. He is recognised for his eccentric stage persona, wide tenor vocal range and musicianship. Wikipedia

When was the song Uprising written?

Uprising (song)

Released 4 August 2009
Recorded 2008–09
Studio Studio Bellini (Lake Como, Italy)
Genre Electronic rock glam rock

What genre is Uprising by Muse?

Progressive metal

What movie is supermassive black hole in?

TwilightSupermassive Black Hole / Movie

Are Muse still together?

Muse is going to probably get together to make an album and do a big tour either next year, or 2022 more likely at this point. “So, yes, this year was going to be a quiet year anyway and then when the lockdown happened it really kind of doubled down on that. It’s like, ‘oh, I really am taking a year off’.

What is a sentence for uprising?

Uprising in a Sentence An uprising broke out in the street after angry protesters heard that the British were going to charge another hefty tea tax. 3. The uprising of the rebels led to a war in which those leading the resistance tore down the government and rebuilt it from the ground up.

Who wrote uprising Muse?

Matt BellamyUprising / Composer

Is Muse an emo?

Muse are not emo, rock, pop, or any genre, they are simply a band.

Is Muse still together?

What is the most massive supermassive black hole?

Ton 618, the largest ultramassive black hole, appears at the very end of the video, which, at 66 billion times the mass of the Sun, is going to weigh very heavily on how we daydream about the cosmos moving forward.

What is the meaning behind supermassive black hole?

According to Matthew Bellamy, the song it’s about women, as he said back on 2006 in an interview: “‘Supermassive Black Hole’ is partially inspired by “a sinister presence at the centre of the galaxy alerting us the a ménage-a-trois involving R2D2 and The Queen when she was hot.” What on Earth is that about?