What music is free with tmobile?

What music is free with tmobile?

Beginning immediately, T-Mobile’s Simple Choice customers will now be able to stream all the music they want from all the most popular streaming services, including Pandora, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Slacker, and Spotify – without ever hitting their high-speed 4G LTE data service.

What services are free with tmobile?

With today’s additions, more than 100 music and video services now stream free to T-Mobile customers, including Amazon Video, HBO NOW, Hulu, Netflix, SlingTV and YouTube as well as Apple Music, Google Music, Pandora, Rhapsody and Spotify.

How Much Does Napster cost?

Subscription Services

Service Web-only cost (per month) Web + iOS cost (per month)
Mog $5 $10
Napster $5 month/$50 year $10 month/$96 year
Rdio $5 $10
Rhapsody N/A $10 for 1 device/$15 for 3 devices

Is Apple music included with t-mobile?

NEW YORK—Last year, T-Mobile began letting consumers stream music for free on a number of popular music services, including Pandora, Rhapsody, iHeart Radio, Slacker, and Spotify. On Tuesday, Apple Music joined the list of services that don’t count against your monthly 4G LTE data bucket.

Is Hulu free with T Mobile?

Every Simple Choice customer can watch up to three times more video with their data plan with Binge On enabled. If you have 3GB of data or more, stream from your favorite steaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Sling, ESPN, SHOWTIME, Starz, and more for free, without using your 4G LTE data.

Do you get Hulu free with T Mobile?

Hulu (Hulu’s ad-supported plan) is now included with the Sprint Unlimited plan at no additional cost to you.

Is Netflix free on T-Mobile?

To get Netflix for free with T-Mobile, sign up for an eligible Magenta plan. After choosing your plan, head to the T-Mobile app or My T-Mobile site. Go to the Add-Ons section and select your desired subscription. Follow the prompts and log in to your Netflix account to confirm your subscription.

Can I get Netflix free with T-Mobile?

Stream your favorite movies and shows across any device – TV, computer, tablet, or phone. A Netflix subscription is included with most Magenta® and Magenta MAX® plans, at no extra cost.

How much does Rhapsody cost?

$9.99 per month
The regular price for Rhapsody Premier: $9.99 per month. That subscription allows for music streaming in one location at a time, though you can authorize up to three devices to download music and play offline.

Does Rhapsody still exist?

On July 14, 2016, Rhapsody phased out the Rhapsody brand in favor of Napster and has since branded its service internationally as Napster.

How can I get Apple Music for free?

How to get 6 free months of Apple Music

  1. Go to Best Buy’s website and sign up for an account with the store.
  2. Add the “Free Apple Music for six months” digital download to your cart.
  3. Go to your cart and check out.
  4. Wait for a digital code to be sent to the email address linked to your Best Buy account.

How much is Apple Music Monthly?

For access to Apple Music’s premium offerings, including Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio, Lyrics, Music Videos, and more, subscribers can easily switch to Apple Music’s individual plan for $9.99 per month or family plan with up to six accounts for $14.99 per month at any time.