What number is the opposite of 8?

What number is the opposite of 8?


What is the absolute value of 3?

For example, the absolute value of 3 is 3, and the absolute value of −3 is also 3. The absolute value of a number may be thought of as its distance from zero.

How do you work absolute value?


  1. Step 1: Isolate the absolute value expression.
  2. Step2: Set the quantity inside the absolute value notation equal to + and – the quantity on the other side of the equation.
  3. Step 3: Solve for the unknown in both equations.
  4. Step 4: Check your answer analytically or graphically.

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What is an absolute value in real life?

The absolute value of a number can be thought of as the value of the number without regard to its sign. For example |3| = 3 and |-5| = 5. When plotted on a number line, it’s the distance from zero. We use the absolute value when subtracting a positive number and a negative number.

What is a reciprocal of 3?

The reciprocal or multiplicative inverse of a number x is the number which, when multiplied by x , gives 1 . So, the product of a number and its reciprocal is 1 . (This is sometimes called the property of reciprocals .) so the reciprocal of 3 is 13 (and the reciprocal of 13 is 3 .)

What is absolute value used for?

The absolute value is used in the real world to define the DIFFERENCE or change from one point to another. A good example I found was that if the everybody is going 55 mph and you are going 70 or 40 mph you will most likely get a ticket. It matters because the difference between you and everybody else is 15 mph.

What is opposite word of lockdown?

The opposite of lockdown is actually called freedom.

What is absolute value mean?

Absolute value describes the distance from zero that a number is on the number line, without considering direction. The absolute value of a number is never negative.

Who uses absolute value in real life?