What shall we maximize?

What shall we maximize?

What Shall We Maximize? We live in a world with limited resources. The more people, the less resources there are for each individual. Malthus taught us that populations grow exponentially.

What does the word tragedy mean in Greek?


How does tragedy of the commons relate to climate change?

A growing number of people see climate change as an example of the tragedy of the commons: the ‘over-grazing’ of collectively owned open lands by an unstructured group of people. One of the earliest climate change activists, Nicholas Stern, has called global warming ‘the greatest market failure of all time’.

What is the function of tragedy according to Aristotle?

Aristotle states that the purpose of tragedy is to arouse “terror and pity” and thereby effect the catharsis of these emotions. His exact meaning has been the subject of critical debate over the centuries.

What is one key thing that Hardin overlooked about resource using communities?

One thing that Hardin overlooked is that the political process often replicates the same economic dynamic that encourages the tragedy of the commons — a dynamic fostered by the ability to capture concentrated benefits while dispersing the costs.

What does Hamartia mean?

tragic flaw

What are the property right regimes for managing the commons?

Property as Bundles of Rights Schlager and Ostrom (1992) identify five property rights that are most relevant for the use of common-pool resources, including access, withdrawal, management, exclusion, and alienation.

Which is the only unity that Aristotle insists upon?

Actually, Aristotle’s observations on tragedy are descriptive rather than prescriptive, and he emphasizes only one unity, that of plot, or action. In the French classical tragedy, the unities were adhered to literally and became the source of endless critical polemics.

What does Hamartia mean in the Bible?

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