What song did miley Cyrus just sing On SNL?

What song did miley Cyrus just sing On SNL?

Cyrus, who was tapped as Saturday Night Live’s musical guest for this week’s episode, performed “Without You,” her new song with the Kid LAROI, for the first time.

Who played guitar with Miley Cyrus on Saturday Night Live?

The Kid LAROI and Miley Cyrus performed their collaborative version of ‘WITHOUT YOU’ live for the first time on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Appearing on the program on May 8, Cyrus and LAROI took to the SNL stage with a full band, comprising three guitarists, a bassist, keyboard player and drummer.

Is Wrecking Ball song about Liam Hemsworth?

“Wrecking Ball” wasn’t written about Liam Hemsworth, but it’s tied to him now. Despite its connection to her ex-husband, Cyrus wasn’t crying about him in the infamous music video.

Who sang wrecking ball first?

Neil Young
Wrecking Ball (Neil Young song)

“Wrecking Ball”
Song by Neil Young
Recorded 1989
Genre Soft rock, heartland rock
Length 5:08

What did Miley Cyrus sing on SNL tonight 2021?

She performed her “Without You” remix alongside the Kid LAROI.

How many times has Miley Cyrus been the musical guest on SNL?

Miley Cyrus has “only” hosted the show three times, but she’s been a musical guest twice as often, including in four of the past five seasons. She’s not the most frequent SNL musical guest of all time, mind you; that’d be Dave Grohl.

Who played guitar for Miley Cyrus Wish you were here?

guitarist Andrew Watt
Sitting next to a fire pit that lent the performance a red glow, Cyrus and her socially distanced guitarist Andrew Watt (who previously revealed he tested positive to COVID-19) delivered a faithful rendition of the 1975 single, with Cyrus harmonizing along with the riff at the song’s end.

Why does Miley Cyrus hate Wrecking Ball?

The 24-year-old singer-actress already considers this to be a memory that will live forever. While Cyrus wanted to be just a simple girl who loves her dog (Emu) so much, she believes being the ‘naked girl on a wrecking ball’ will always follow her around.

How old was Miley Cyrus in Wrecking Ball video?

The 24-year-old singer played a game that required her to choose among three of her songs, “7 Things,” “The Climb,” and “Wrecking Ball.” Although it might have given some celebrities pause to choosing between such highly personal projects, Miley took little time to consider her options, jumping in with confidence.

Did Beyoncé offer wrecking ball?

As we read on StyleCaster, Radar reports that representatives for co-songwriter Sacha Skarbek say that, yes, Beyoncé was the original intended artist for the tune.

What song did Miley Cyrus sing on SNL cold open?

Light of a Clear Blue Morning
Miley Cyrus covered her godmother Dolly Parton’s song “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” for Saturday Night Live’s cold open the night before Mother’s Day. Eschewing the usual topical opening sketch, SNL instead to have its cast members give thanks to their moms on the musical cold open.