What song do they play at the end of Revenge of the Nerds?

What song do they play at the end of Revenge of the Nerds?

A: At the end the song is called “Revenge of the Nerds techno rap” (thanks to marty, california) add more info
Q: Who is the violin player on the campus stage? (from diego in MILANO – LOMBARDIA – ITALIA – EUROPA)
A: The violin player for the Talent Show is Poindexter. (thanks to Mr. Ed, Bay Area, CA) add more info

What song in Revenge of the Nerds tricycle race?

Revenge of the Nerds “Takashi Tricycle Race Song” Daichee Bell : r/Music.

What was the name of the Nerds band in Revenge of the Nerds?

The film’s plot chronicles a group of nerds at the fictional Adams College trying to stop the ongoing harassment by the jock fraternity, the Alpha Betas, in addition to the latter’s sister sorority, Pi Delta Pi.

What happened to Gilbert in Revenge of the Nerds?

Gilbert was played by another actor in the third film after Anthony Edwards was unable to return. His reason for not doing the third film was a new show he starred in called ER. In a later season of ER Robert Carradine guest-starred, once again working with Edwards.

Who did music for Revenge of the Nerds?

Thomas NewmanRevenge of the Nerds / Music composed by

Who played Animal in Revenge of the Nerds?

Curtis Armstrong
Curtis Armstrong at Phoenix Comicon in 2017
Born November 27, 1953 Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Occupation Actor, voice actor, singer
Years active 1983–present

Why didn’t Anthony Edwards do Revenge of the Nerds 2?

Anthony Edwards did not want to appear in the sequel due to a combination of feeling the original had told a complete story, not wanting to be pigeon-holed in goofy comedies, and simply not liking the script.

Who played Booger in Porky’s?

You can call him Booger. By now, he’s accustomed to being addressed that way in public. Or when you see him this weekend in Tulsa, you can call him Curtis Armstrong, the actor who turned teen-movie roles and a particularly bad habit into a 35-year career.