What song is in the new Beats commercial?

What song is in the new Beats commercial?

Also starring model Kaia Gerber and influencer Queen Blackwell, the campaign consists of four video vignettes and debuts a brand-new track from Staples called “Magic.” As Beats’ fitness-minded earbuds, the Beats Fit Pros feature a true wireless style, a secure wingtip design, and three interchangeable gummy ear tips.

Who is in the new Beats commercial?

As part of the partnership, Saweetie starred in a Beats By Dre ad showing off her athleisure style and headphone choices along with crafting a “Get It Girl” jingle for the 30-second spot. “I’m good in any hood but it’s love in The Bay,” she finishes off her concise rhymes with an homage to her hometown.

What was the song in the Colin Kaepernick commercial?

Dre – Hear What You Want – Colin Kaepernick.

Who is in the beats fit pro commercial?

A new campaign for Beats Fit Pro has launched, with the wireless earbuds promoted in videos featuring Naomi Osaka, Vince Staples, Kaia Gerber, and Quen Blackwell. Consisting of four 15-second vignettes, the clips focus on each person wearing the Beats Fit Pro.

Who is in Beats earbuds commercial?

The 60-second spot debuted during the NBA Finals Beats by Dre dropped a new commercial during the NBA Finals on Tuesday night, shaking up the music and sports worlds by announcing an upcoming Kanye West album and featuring decorated runner Sha’Carri Richardson as the ad’s star.

Who is the girl in the new Beats commercial?

Saweetie Stars in Latest Beats Fit Pro Campaign | HYPEBAE.

Are Colin Kaepernick’s parents?

Rick Kaepernick
Teresa Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick/Parents

Who is the girl on the Beats commercial?

entrepreneur Saweetie
Rapper and entrepreneur Saweetie is starring in her latest Beats by Dre commercial for their upcoming Beats Fit Pro. The new launch includes wireless earbuds that can stay in place while keeping up with all of your moves.

What Roddy Ricch song is in the beats commercial?

The hip-hop star walks through the streets as they come alive in animated colors and shapes while he listens to his song “Late at Night.” The Beats Studio Buds come alive as the intricate layers of the devices are shown as the are pulled apart and put back together. None have been identified for this spot.

Was Kaepernick adopted?

Russo placed Kaepernick up for adoption and at 5 weeks old he was placed with a white couple named Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. The couple had two biological children: son Kyle and daughter Devon.