What state is marijuana legal in Australia?

What state is marijuana legal in Australia?

Adult-use remains illegal in most provinces, with the notable exception of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which includes the capital Canberra. The ACT legalized recreational marijuana on September 25, 2019.

Is marijuana illegal in the ACT?

Cannabis is not legal in the ACT, it has been decriminalised. The ACT has removed penalties for adults who possess or use small amounts of cannabis so they can get support without fear of being put through the justice system. New rules around personal use of cannabis came into effect on 31 January 2020.

How many marijuana plants can you have Australia?

Since 31 January 2020, Adults can legally grow, use and smoke cannabis in the ACT for personal use. Where if you’re aged 18 and over in the ACT, you can: possess up to 50 grams of dried cannabis or up to 150 grams of fresh cannabis. grow up to two cannabis plants per person, with a maximum of four plants per household.

Where can I buy Australian home brewing Spirit kits?

Australian Home Brewing is proud to present an extensive collection of home brew spirit kits that will suite every possible taste and desire, available at both our online store and our Richmond and Oakleigh South locations.

Are still spirits flavourings legal in my country?

Please note that using Still Spirits flavourings and yeasts are legal in every country. In most countries where home distilling is illegal, local authorities have historically been reluctant to move against citizens who are producing alcohol for their own personal consumption.

Can you smoke weed recreationally in Queensland?

Currently, you can only smoke or vape cannabis with a medical prescription. If you are caught smoking weed recreationally, then you may receive a fine. After Victoria and Canberra, Queensland is positioned to be the next state to legalise the legal smoking of marijuana. Learn more about Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s smoking marijuana rules.